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Nutrition principle of renal failure

2016-12-31 11:16

The kidney is the main organ of human urine formation and excretion of the kidney, once damaged, the body produces creatinine and urea nitrogen, uric acid, benzoic acid and various amines cannot be successfully excreted, accumulate in the body, causing damage to the human body, thus forming a serious lead to renal failure, uremia.
For magic, three points by seven points by raising treatment. Therefore, the nutritional principle of renal failure is more and more respected. Many patients like to play the role of adjuvant therapy in the diet, then, what is the nutritional principle of renal failure?
First, the intake of high-quality low protein food
Patients with renal failure must strictly control the intake of protein, the basic principle is to absorb high-quality low protein food. Among them, 50%-60% must be high quality protein containing essential amino acids, such as eggs, milk, fish, lean meat and other animal protein. Try to eat foods rich in plant protein, such as peanuts, beans and their products, because these substances contain more non essential amino acids, can not meet the needs of the body.
Two, intake of food rich in vitamin
Renal failure patients often have nausea, vomiting, anorexia and other gastrointestinal symptoms, reduce food intake, inadequate intake, coupled with enhanced catabolism, the dialysis process will lose part of the patient's vitamin is obviously insufficient, especially water soluble vitamin B and vitamin C, folic acid, need to supplement. Therefore, patients must eat more fresh fruits and vegetables containing these substances.
Three, high calorie intake of food
Patients with renal failure should be no less than 30 thousand calories per kilogram of body weight per day. In order to get enough calories, you can eat more vegetable oil and sugar. If you feel hungry, you can eat sweet potato, taro, potato, chestnut powder, Chinese yam powder, lotus root, apple etc.. However, if it is due to kidney failure caused by diabetes, it is necessary to properly control the intake of sugar containing substances.
Protein restricted diet in chronic renal failure
(1) 20g restricted protein diet for one week.
Total protein content of 20g, which contains high quality protein of about 13g, accounting for more than the total amount of protein 60%, total calories throughout the day around 8368kj.
(2) 30g restricted protein diet for one week.
Total protein content of 30g, the high quality protein of about 17g, accounting for more than 50% of the total amount of protein, calories 8368-10460kj.
In patients with renal failure, make a reasonable diet, good habits, early detection, early treatment, the regular hospital for treatment of kidney disease, have a healthy body, so you better from diseases, let your family happiness, life smoothly.
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