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Bad breath may be the realization of renal failure

2016-12-28 17:21
The main cause of chronic renal failure is long-term renal disease, with the time and disease, renal function gradually decreased, resulting in renal failure. Renal failure is the pathological state of partial or total renal dysfunction caused by the development of various chronic kidney diseases.
Human kidney has a strong compensatory function, as long as the loss of renal function is not more than 75%, still can maintain the stability of the human environment. Therefore, patients with chronic renal failure in early clinical symptoms are often not obvious, often misdiagnosed, missed diagnosis, so that patients with renal failure to lose the best treatment time. Anorexia and nausea and vomiting in the morning are common manifestations of chronic renal failure. In addition, some patients with chronic renal failure, there are some special clinical manifestations, such as the smell of ammonia in the mouth, that is, you said the urine odor, advanced renal failure, more obvious symptoms of patients with sepsis. That's why?
Patients with chronic nephritis often feel there is a strange smell in the mouth, saying different, such as ammonia odor, urine odor, fertilizer flavor, odor, etc.. Experienced doctors according to smell the smell emanating from the patient's mouth the size can be roughly estimated with nitrogen level of hematuria and make patients in stable or worse judgment.
The cause of chronic renal failure are chronic glomerulonephritis and chronic pyelonephritis mainly interstitial nephritis and its disease, hypertension and diabetes and other systemic diseases, one of the most easily misdiagnosed to hundreds of chronic pyelonephritis mainly interstitial nephritis, the disease was the second highest incidence of chronic renal failure.
Chronic pyelonephritis generally occurs in had a history of urinary tract infections in middle-aged women, because the symptoms of the disease have no common nephrotic edema, it is difficult to arouse people's attention. Even if has developed to the early stage of chronic renal failure, mild anemia, hypertension and urinary symptoms, is not easy to pay attention to, is often misdiagnosed as hypertension or other disease, so the doctor was called a "silent killer". When nausea and vomiting and other typical symptoms appear, often has reached the irreversible late renal failure. Thus, this leads to renal failure by pyelonephritis seemingly ferocious, in fact there are a couple of years to several years of slow process, its etiology, occurrence of urinary tract infection is the culprit a few years ago.
Urinary tract infection is a common disease of women, the survey data show that more than 30% of women have had more than one month of life urinary tract infection. In this part of the crowd, most of the patients after regular treatment without recurrence, part of poor physique and without formal treatment of patients with recurrent, after one or two years is likely to develop chronic pyelonephritis.
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