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Four main causes of renal failure caused by renal failure

2016-12-28 15:25
The weight loss should be a noun to each girl often say it right, cause of kidney failure, there are many, but the weight loss can lead to kidney failure, is rarely heard? So what causes renal failure in the end? Next up
Have a look。
1, no plans for their own weight loss
As is known to all, the reason why people are fat is different. Mr. Xu is excessive movement leads to kidney failure, and he was on a diet was not detected before body index itself and not according to their own situation to develop a scientific diet plan
Great relationship.
2, not according to their own situation to develop exercise intensity
Mr. Xu has more than 100kg body weight, heart weight in such a high load, knee joint bearing and the kidney he apparently did not consider. But in their training also hired a private teaching practice, the body is very hard to eat.
Five causes of renal failure
One of the main causes of renal failure: emotional wounds
Long term emotional discomfort, anxiety rage, liver qi, liver qi stagnation, the triple burner is not smooth, a Hengni and grams of spleen, liver spleen disharmony, spleen, wet water flooding; a blockage of Qi, Qi and blood circulation can occur adverse, qi stagnation and blood stasis,
Liver or long, Yu and the fire burns, liver kidney yin, lead to liver and kidney yin deficiency.
The two main causes of kidney failure: diet
Improper diet include overeating, long-term hunger, junk food, excessive drinking, will damage the spleen and stomach, which pass the water valley, subtle metaplasia, have affected blood function. If long-term damage to the spleen and stomach, will lead to insufficient sources of blood,
The day after tomorrow no sufficient to support a priori, so also the kidney damage; kidney injury, waist palace lost support, water gasification adverse, so see pain, edema and other symptoms; in addition, spleen deficiency, diet is not subtle, anti damp. The damp congestion, righteousness shall not lift, and
See vomiting and urinary obstruction.
The three main causes of renal failure: invasion of external pathogens
Kidney disease Jiuzhibuyu, organs function decline, deficiency of yin and Yang Qi, Wei, weak, prone to evil. Or is injured by pathogenic wind, Qi Xuan, governance of dereliction of duty, cannot regulate the waterways, transfer of the bladder, the adverse, wet muddy, and
Spleen; or lack of cold air conditioning factors in Zhongyang, headed into the stomach, cold accumulating in the real, stomach disharmony, stomach Shangni, inhibition of small intestine, can not distinguish the turbid; or because of phlegm, heat evil into the inside, lung heat dampness, phlegm heat stroke,
Obstruction of lung collaterals caused asthma cannot lie; or because he is wet, wet rain water intrusion, water, block coke, spleen, blood deficiency of the source water, wet trapped Spleen Yang and kidney damage, or spleen, deficiency of spleen and kidney yang, water dampness evil shall transport,
Block gas machine variable birth.
A major cause of kidney failure four: Fanlao excessive
Long engaged in heavy manual labor, excessive fatigue, injury of spleen and kidney; excessive debauchery, early education, kidney damage, kidney yang deficiency, decline of vital gate fire, the fire is not warm, spleen kidney two empty. The spleen is not food vomiting, kidney deficiency is not of Qi, dampness
The diffuse, spread his dirty, finally lost all five organs.
So please ladies and gentlemen, people are losing weight, for their own health, to establish their own outlook on life, a healthy way to lose weight is taking the legs, hold the mouth, you can do it?
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