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There are 4 ways to prevent renal failure

2016-12-28 14:25
Chronic renal failure is a common disease, also known as renal insufficiency, can cause gastrointestinal, blood system, cardiovascular system and other symptoms. A variety of causes of chronic renal failure, often presenting irreversible progressive renal damage
Patients with greater physical hazard. In this paper, kidney experts and everyone to see how to prevent renal failure in life.
1, the body's hemodynamic changes
The blood flow perfusion deficiency, such as shock, congestive heart failure, heart disease, stroke, vascular thrombosis, excessive systolic and diastolic disease, the amount of blood through the kidneys are insufficient, the relative decline in metabolic rate of waste,
The accumulation of nitrogenous waste, aggravating the burden of kidney and renal failure.
2, the body's own disease
Leptospirosis infection, autoimmune nephritis, liver failure, bacterial endocarditis, pyelonephritis, and lymphosarcoma, when the human body itself of these diseases, often easy to cause kidney damage.
3, the damage of toxic substances
Many drugs in daily life have considerable damage to the kidney, such as X-rays, certain antibiotics chemotherapy drugs, non steroidal analgesics, developer, alcohol, heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, thallium), or insects, snakes
Venom, etc., can produce varying degrees of toxicity to the kidneys, resulting in decreased renal function, which leads to renal failure.
What are the prevention of renal failure
1, active treatment of primary disease of acute and chronic glomerulonephritis, lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis or may involve kidney disease (such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus) active treatment, to prevent the occurrence of chronic renal failure.
2, a reasonable diet of low protein, low phosphorus and low fat diet, the protection of renal function in chronic kidney disease has been confirmed by laboratory and clinical. At present, in order to prevent the occurrence of chronic renal failure, blood and muscle in the 159.1 Micro Friction
Er / l should limit protein intake.
3, to avoid or eliminate some risk factors of drug toxicity, severe infection, dehydration, urinary tract obstruction on renal (such as stones, prostate hypertrophy), trauma and other factors, often make the original kidney disease, deterioration of renal function, promote
To cause renal failure. In fact, regular, high-quality follow-up can reduce or avoid these risk factors, or early detection and correction.
4 、 application of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors not only can control systemic hypertension, but also can correct glomerular high perfusion, high filtration state, delay the occurrence of renal failure. The clinical commonly used drugs for Kato Pury, Lotensin and pressure
Set, etc..
The above has been the cause of kidney disease and prevention methods to tell you, there is no understanding of a little more, it is easy to treat it, the prevention of the main depends on patients and their families to prevent their own!
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