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What are the nursing methods of chronic renal failure

2016-12-31 15:21
Believe that most patients with chronic kidney failure want to know more about the nursing methods of the disease.
1 general nursing: give high calorie, high vitamin, low protein diet, protein intake can be adjusted according to renal function, hypertension should limit sodium intake, if dialysis treatment, should be of high quality and high protein diet. On bed rest, irritability, coma, should be placed in the bed bar, strengthen inspections to prevent falling bed.
Prevention of infection: 2 patients should pay attention to rest, do not catch cold, prevent colds. Chronic renal failure patients are easy to concurrent infection, especially lung and urinary tract infection, so patients should pay attention to cleanliness, strengthen oral and perineal cleaning, in order to prevent infection. If there is infection, should be treated immediately, timely selection of sensitive antibiotics for pathogens, antibiotics dosage should be adjusted according to creatinine clearance rate, to avoid the use of nephrotoxic antibiotics.
3 skin care: observe the skin color, elasticity and whether there is edema. Should choose a mild soap or liquid soap to wash the skin after washing, coated with hand cream, to avoid skin itching, as may be prescribed to patients with itching medicine, such as Calamine Lotion. Guide patients to nail trimming, in order to prevent patients itching in the skin, scratching the skin, causing infection.
4 pay attention to timely observation of the condition: to regularly measure weight, blood pressure and daily water output and water intake, observe the body fluid retention.
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