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How to prevent lupus nephropathy infection

2018-04-16 16:20

The deterioration of lupus nephropathy is mainly from the beginning of infection, in order to avoid the recurrence of the disease in patients with lupus nephropathy, our hospital experts talk about how to prevent lupus nephropathy infection, hope to have certain guiding significance for the patients with lupus nephropathy.

How to prevent lupus nephropathy infection

Beijing Tongshantang Chinese Medicine Hospital experts remind that you need to focus on factitious factors:

Health care workers did not know enough about the infection, did not wash their hands before and after performing all the treatment and nursing operations, wearing masks, and lacking in aseptic concepts, violating the operating procedures and becoming communicators or means of transmission of infection.

Some patients because of weak constitution and fear of cold, the doors and windows closed, resulting in poor ventilation of the ward; some of the patients were eating out of the hospital without permission, dirty food lead to infection.

Therefore, the ward ventilation 1 or 2 times a day sooner or later, each time 30min ~ lh; reduce the number of accompanying and visiting, control the accompanying rate ≤ 8%. And stipulate visiting time, so as not to affect the patient's treatment and rest.

Wipe the ward with the disinfectant daily surface and the ground 1 or 2 times. Ward weekly irradiation with UV light 1 or 2 times, each 1/2 ~ 1h.

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