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As early as prevention, chronic kidney disease is not terrib

2018-02-09 16:54

Although the kidney is small, it has many functions. It can not only remove the toxin produced by human metabolism, regulate the balance of water, electrolyte, acid and base, but also secrete some hormones and regulate blood pressure. However, if you don't take care of your kidney, you will not only suffer from the disease, but also will suffer from the high cost of treatment and even induce a series of complications.

As early as prevention, chronic kidney disease is not terrible!

Clinically, Chronic kidney disease is defined as renal damage for more than three months, abnormal urine and related blood indexes are found. Renal pathology and imaging findings are abnormal, or glomerular filtration rate of kidney is lower than 60%.

Characteristics of chronic kidney disease: The incidence of cardiovascular disease is high, the mortality is high, the awareness rate of chronic nephropathy is low, the prevention rate is low, and the awareness rate of cardiovascular disease is low. According to statistics, the high incidence of kidney disease, the normal population of about 6.1 to 10%, and the early may be asymptomatic, aware of their own illness and treatment were few, so many patients did not find themselves kidney disease, until the serious condition, suffering from Renal failure was found when the treatment has been very difficult, or even powerless to treat. If not timely and effective treatment of chronic kidney disease, leading to deterioration of the disease, it is easy to develop with the course of disease as chronic renal insufficiency, renal failure, the final formation of uremia.

Nephropathy usually starts without symptoms, and when the damage to kidney function is more than 75%, the patient will develop anemia, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, anorexia, high blood pressure, and a smell of urine in the mouth. The skin is dark and the hair is scorched.

At this time, people often do not know which department to see, bad appetite to see the digestive department, anemia to hematology, few people think of kidney problems. Therefore, many patients with kidney failure go through misdiagnosis and misdiagnosis. When they receive treatment at the department of internal medicine, the residual function of the kidney is often less than 5% of that of normal people. Ultimately, they can only survive by hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis or kidney transplantation.

The following may be signs of early kidney disease, should seek medical advice: Urine foam, long-term does not disappear, indicating that more urine excretion of protein; urine discoloration, was dark brown, washed meat samples, soy sauce color or muddy, which shows May have red blood cells or white blood cells; excessive or too little urine; nocturia increased, normal people under the age of 60 generally should not have nocturia, nocturnal increase in young people may be an early manifestation of renal dysfunction; after getting up in the morning, the eyelid or face edema, serious edema may appear in the body droop place, such as double ankle inside, double lower limbs, etc.; the waist and back ache of no clear reason; appetite and sleep are not good, etc.

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