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The amount of urine protein does not necessarily reflect the

2018-01-14 14:09

Urine protein is a common marker and risk factor of renal disease, but the amount of urinary protein does not necessarily reflect the severity of renal disease.

Many people know that proteinuria is an important objective indicator of nephritis. In urine protein tests, doctors will determine the amount of protein in the urine as "+", "++" "+++"or "++++". The more protein in the urine, the more "+", the higher possibility of kidney disease.

The amount of urine protein does not necessarily reflect the severity of renal disease

The person that already suffers from chronic kidney disease, can care about urine protein after all have a few "+", in fact doctor also very care about this point. So, urine protein "+" more, disease is more serious? Urine protein "+" reduced, does it represent the development of the disease to the good direction?

In fact, this is not certain. Proteinuria is a common marker and risk factors for kidney disease, but the number of proteinuria does not necessarily reflect the severity of renal disease. There may be some improvement in renal disease, but it may also be due to most of the glomerular fibrosis, reduced filtered protein, deterioration of renal function, aggravated symptoms. Therefore, the severity of renal disease damage. It should not be measured solely by proteinuria, but also by systemic conditions, renal function, biochemical tests, especially renal biopsies.

Effective control of the disease, can avoid the deterioration of kidney disease, for patients with nephropathy, in ordinary life, taboo, exercise, control of blood pressure are the key to control the disease, control the deterioration of the disease. A specialist in nephropathy has several suggestions.

Eat less salt, nephrotic patients daily salt requirements are below: 6 g, usually high salt food to eat less, less chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, oil consumption, can use onion, ginger, garlic, pepper. Fresh ingredients such as onions replace salted condiments to improve taste.

Control weight, obesity is the root cause of many diseases, many patients with nephropathy is because of hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and cause nephropathy, want to control kidney disease, we must properly lose weight, maintain good eating habits. Insist on exercise, strive for weight standard, can very good control urine protein.

Pay attention to hypertension, hypertension easy to cause nephropathy, for patients with hypertension symptoms, usually should be measured blood pressure, pay attention to diet and exercise, blood pressure control, urine proteinuria can better decline.

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