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How does kidney disease patients care of kidney health?

2018-01-04 17:20

Kidney health is of great significance to the human body. In the eyes of ordinary people, the kidney is always good to pour some special significance. This has led many people to kidney as an important matter. So, how exactly is it possible to care for the health of the kidneys?

Nephrology summed up the five kidney care know-how, patients do these five points, the kidneys can be good, there will be no risk of renal failure, uremia.

Improve anemia. Studies have shown that hemoglobin is less than 105g / L, the risk of renal function increased. The treatment of anemia on the protection of renal function is of great significance, usually do check the routine blood test for hemoglobin that column to pay more attention. If it is pale, dizzy and other symptoms should pay more attention, which may be a sign of anemia. Patients have symptoms of anemia, remember to talk with the doctor to see if treatment is needed.

Prevention and treatment of diabetes. Blood sugar, will increase the kidney a great burden. Usually, we should pay attention to prevent the occurrence of diabetes, improve the diet, a little more fresh fruits and vegetables, less big fish, insist on exercise, maintain a good body shape, to a large extent reduce the occurrence of diabetes. If it is already diabetes, pay attention to the treatment and prevention of diabetic complications.

Lower urinary protein. Increased urinary protein, the vast majority of cases that kidney damage. No matter how high the level of urinary protein, as long as after treatment can have a decline, it is a good sign. If the 24-hour urinary protein can be maintained below 1g / day, and even continue to be maintained at 0.5g / day or less, then the situation is very good.

Disease symptoms can only affect part of the condition, more importantly, have confidence to respond, a good attitude is the key to improving the condition.

Control blood pressure. Kidney which is covered with capillaries, high blood pressure damage to the kidneys, we can imagine. Patients who already have kidney disease, need to lower blood pressure to 140 / 90mmHg the following, the ideal state is 130 / 80mmHg the following. Hypertensive patients with hypertension control, to avoid the occurrence of hypertensive nephropathy.

Early attention, early prevention, early treatment. Some pathological types of kidney disease, it is easy to be found, timely treatment, the prognosis is good. However, some kidney disease without special symptoms, resulting in a lot of people check out already is late kidney disease. If you can as soon as possible, early start treatment, kidney recovery more likely.

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