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Does diabetics need to limit their drinking water? How much water to drink every day?

2017-12-31 17:09

Drink more water and more urine is the typical symptoms of diabetes, so some people do not dare to drink plenty of water, in order to reduce the number of urination, but actually can not achieve the desired effect, which is why ? If the diabetic lack of water, what will be the consequences?

Does diabetics need to limit their drinking water? How much water to drink every day?

Diabetic people in the blood glucose content is too high, that is, high blood sugar, on the one hand due to the role of osmotic pressure, the cells in the water will permeate out, resulting in increased blood moisture, urination will naturally increase. On the other hand, because of hyperglycemia, the body will start self-protection mechanism, need to consume more water to dilute the blood, so always feel thirsty and need to drink plenty of water, urination times will also increase.

Thus, the basic reason for diabetic patients to drink water and polyuria is caused by high blood sugar, not simply to drink more water, so people want to reduce urination by drinking less water can not do On the contrary, not drinking water will cause some adverse consequences.

For example, many of the body's metabolites are metabolized by the kidneys and excreted with the urine. If you drink too little, the urine output will naturally decrease. As a result, excreted products accumulate in the body, causing accumulation of "toxins" body. Therefore, people with diabetes should not limit drinking water, but should control the blood sugar on the basis of adequate enough water every day. How much water should I drink?

 Under normal circumstances, the recommended daily drinking volume is about 2000 to 2500 ml, drink more than 4 times a day more than the water, about 6 to 8 glasses of water, the average distribution in the wake of the morning, afternoon and evening before going to bed as well. At the same time pay attention to daily urination, there should be about 1500 ml.

It should be noted that if the diabetic patients with severe heart failure, severe renal insufficiency, such as edema occurs when the amount of drinking water is limited, should be developed under the guidance of a doctor's drinking water plan.

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