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People who are not suitable for eating low sodium salt!

2017-12-11 17:24

Compared with common salt, the notable characteristic of low sodium salt is reduced sodium content and increased potassium content. Potassium is able to resist high sodium blood pressure by expanding blood vessels, decreasing blood vessel resistance and increasing excretion of urinary sodium.

People who are not suitable for eating low sodium salt!

Since the low sodium salt on the human body have such benefits, whether anyone can eat it? The answer is in low sodium salt. Although reducing sodium content, but in order not to reduce salt, will add other ions, most of them were potassium. In most cases, intake of potassium ion but is safe. Some special cases such as the blood potassium level is too high, the excretion of potassium potassium dysfunction, excessive intake will cause serious arrhythmia and other diseases.

The following population is not suitable or should be carefully selected for low sodium salt:

Kidney disease should be a low sodium diet, but not with low sodium salt, this is because of the low sodium salt contain more potassium, high potassium exists in the cells of the body, mainly excreted by kidney. Kidney patients, especially the patients with urination function disorder, more potassium can not effectively excreted, accumulation in the body can cause hyperkalemia.

For hypertensive patients, taking ACEI and ARB class of antihypertensive drugs, taking these two kinds of antihypertensive drugs at the same time, application of low sodium salt, the risk of hyperkalemia will increase significantly. Taking spironolactone, aldosterone decreased by inhibiting aldosterone function, potassium eduction, blood potassium will rise.

For hyperthyroidism, iodized salt can be eaten, but low sodium salt can not be consumed.

High temperature operations, heavy physical labor intensity of workers is not suitable for high potassium intake in the low sodium salt should be used with caution.

Due to strenuous exercise, infection, large area burns, trauma, acidosis, tumor receiving high-dose chemotherapy, status epilepticus, intracellular potassium is released into the blood. If more potassium is taken, it may cause or aggravate hyperkalemia.

Patients with hyperkalemia should not eat low sodium salts for other reasons.

We ordinary people should also pay attention to grasp the "quantity" in the consumption of low sodium, low sodium salt, flavor, people in cooking often need to add more low sodium, in order to obtain the same common salt and taste, which are contrary to the original intention of a low sodium diet invisibly weakened health benefits the low sodium salt.


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