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How to prevent kidney disease

2017-10-15 15:37

Kidney disease is a serious threat to people's health , once suffering from chronic renal failure, the patient will bring a heavy family burden. Therefore, we must do a good job our daily life to preventing the disease, the following to introduce how to prevent the occurrence of kidney disease.

How to prevent kidney disease

Urine volume too much or too little; young people nocturia increased; edema, urine, urine, urine, And so on, often early signs of nephropathy should be timely medical treatment.

Second, the throat, tonsils and other streptococcal infection, the need to immediately cure antibiotics should be completely, not halfway and waste, or streptococcus susceptible to kidney disease, especially children need to pay attention

Third, the analgesic damage to the kidneys, without the prescription is strictly prohibited by the use of the general sale of painkillers, pain relief drugs and general pain medication, such as long-term use to discuss with your physician, long-term use of painkillers, severe kidney hurt.

Fourth, overeating harmful kidney health, the human body to eat a lot of food, animal and plant protein, the last metabolic organisms (waste) - uric acid and urea nitrogen, etc. are required to be excluded from the burden of the kidney, so the food overbearing, Will increase the burden on the kidneys.

Five, without the doctor's prescription, chaos into the drug, hinder kidney function, many people often make their own ideas to buy medicine (antibiotics), taking antibiotics will prevent kidney function, especially diuretics can not be taken privately.

Six women before pregnancy for renal function tests, to avoid the occurrence of uremia. Women are pregnant, due to increased burden on the kidneys, so the best pregnant women before pregnancy check whether the kidney disease, if there is a considerable degree of kidney disease (sometimes do not know), to the professional physician in time to consult. Or blind pregnancy, kidney disease may soon deteriorate into uremia, the development of the degree of dialysis.

Seven, unfortunately got kidney disease, please go to the kidney disease specialist for treatment, or chaos to find Jianghu Lang eat herbal remedies, missed the timing of treatment, derived more complications, and even short term into uremia.

The above is the daily life of the prevention of kidney disease occurred in some small common sense, if you have questions on kidney disease, you can consult our online experts,we will provide you with good advice.

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