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Can coffee prevent kidney cancer?

2017-10-06 17:12

Traditional nutrition believes that when we are busy to drink coffee, although helps to enhance alertness, sensitivity, memory and concentration. Excessive drinking, however, can produce stimulants similar to those used for the same amount of food, which can cause nervousness. Tendency to anxiety disorders for the people, caffeine can cause palms sweating, palpitations, tinnitus symptoms worsen. What's more, it can aggravate hypertension and induce osteoporosis, so we don't recommend long-term drinking.

Can coffee prevent kidney cancer?

A new study has come to the opposite conclusion, the researchers analyzed 13 studies about the long-term health effects of various types of food, often found in coffee and tea can reduce the risk of kidney cancer. In contrast, drink milk, soda or juice do not have this kind of effect.

The researchers found that coffee less than a cup to drink three or more cups of coffee per day and the average daily (or tea) compared to 16% lower risk of developing kidney cancer; and those who drank just a cup of tea (about 230 grams) than people, people do not drink tea (or coffee) a 15% lower risk of kidney cancer.

Although coffee and tea can not be directly proved to prevent kidney cancer, it can be found by analyzing the components of coffee and tea. Coffee and tea, for example, are rich in antioxidants that may help protect kidney cells from damage. In addition, certain components of coffee and tea enhance the sensitivity of the body to insulin and improve kidney function, which may, in the course of time, prevent kidney cancer.

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