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Easily lead to urinary protein positive factors which?

2017-09-14 15:22

Urine protein is the body's urine protein content is too high caused. Normal urine with trace protein, the normal range of negative for the negative, recorded as (-). Urine protein content of up to 0.15g / 24h or more, said proteinuria, urine prescription may be positive. May be caused by kidney problems, but may also be caused by other factors. Here we come together to understand what is easy to cause urinary protein positive factors.

Physiological factors: can cause temporary urinary protein positive, such as pregnancy, severe exercise, cold, mental stress, postural changes, rapid growth of adolescents; such as urine mixed with vaginal secretions or mixed with sperm, or by some Other substances can also cause false pollution, should pay attention to review and observation.

Pathological factors: urinary protein qualitative if positive results should be noted and should be further examination or review. Persistent positive results, especially when the number is more likely to have acute nephritis, chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, kidney tuberculosis, kidney tumors, caused by various causes of nephrotic syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetic nephropathy, urinary tract inflammation, Renal rejection after rejection. The emergence of proteinuria may also be caused by certain pathological reactions, such as: high fever, high blood pressure, cystitis, urethritis, cancer, myeloma, blood transfusion reactions.

Other factors: Occasionally a urine protein determination results should be positive observation and review, remove the relevant physiological factors, and consult a physician or do other further examination to determine the cause.

The above is easy to cause urinary protein positive factors, if the above symptoms more timely to the hospital for examination, to avoid exacerbations.

Easily lead to urinary protein positive factors which

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