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What is the pain of renal biopsy? What is the big side effec

2017-09-14 15:20

What is the pain of renal biopsy? What is the big side effect? This is a lot of patients with kidney disease are worried about the problem, due to a wide range of kidney disease, etiology and pathogenesis of complex, so the need for renal biopsy diagnosis of disease. The following is a detailed description of this.

What is the pain of renal biopsy?

Renal biopsy is a local anesthesia, almost no pain when the needle, the sampling due to the absence of innervation of the kidneys, the patient can not feel the pain. Coupled with the current advanced equipment, in the color guide and fine needle puncture gun with the help of the entire puncture process fast and safe, the success rate of 99%. After anesthetic effect, renal puncture surgery patients do not feel obvious puncture site pain. Some patients with pain, it is puncture after the end, to lie down more than 8 hours caused by back muscle soreness.

So, what is the side effect of renal biopsy?

General renal biopsy of renal tissue injury is mild, are super minimally invasive, clinicians in preoperative and postoperative will be the necessary prevention and treatment, the small probability of the side effects to a minimum. Postoperative does not affect the patient's renal excretion of metabolic waste, regulate body fluids, secretion of endocrine hormones and other physiological functions, does not affect the husband and wife sexual life and fertility. The vast majority of patients have different degrees of microscopic hematuria, occasionally a small number of patients may appear gross hematuria. Second, some patients will appear mild perirenal hematoma, but generally small hematoma, no clinical symptoms, 1-2 weeks can be self-absorption.

What is the pain of renal biopsy? What is the big side effect? The above is a detailed description of the renal biopsy, and will not feel pain, and only minor trauma, will not affect the normal life of patients, so patients do not have to worry too much.

What is the pain of renal biopsy? What is the big side effect

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