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Renal failure patients eat what good?

2016-12-27 10:40
When it comes to renal failure, we have a simple understanding, friends are likely to suffer from renal failure, renal failure is not imagined so terrible, as long as with the doctor, adhere to treatment, a lot of attention in the diet, the cure
May be very high, below for us to introduce renal failure patients eat what good?
Renal failure patients eat what good?
(1) Na Yan: edema should be intake of low salt diet, to avoid aggravating edema, generally by the daily amount of salt should be less than 2G, disable preserved food, use less MSG and edible alkali, edema, close to normal plasma protein, can restore normal
(2) protein intake: renal failure syndrome, amount of plasma protein in the urine, human protein decreased in protein malnutrition, hypoalbuminemia to plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreased, resulting in edema but stubborn,
Body resistance also decreased, so in the absence of renal failure, its early, polar phase should be given a higher quality protein diet, such as fish and meat, etc..
(3): fat intake in patients with renal failure syndrome often have hyperlipidemia, this can cause arteriosclerosis and glomerular damage and hardening, and thus should be limited to animal offal, fat, some seafood rich in cholesterol and fat intake
(4) add trace elements: syndrome of renal failure patients due to increased glomerular basement membrane permeability, urine loss except protein, but also the loss of some trace elements and protein binding and hormone, resulting in the body of calcium and magnesium
Zinc, iron and other elements, should be given appropriate supplement. General eating food containing vitamin and trace element rich vegetables, fruits, grains, and other seafood to be added. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
(5) low salt, low sodium diet in renal failure, while hypertension, edema of the patients in the diet should pay attention to food containing sodium restriction and sodium rich, when necessary for salt free diet. When using diuretics or accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, should not limit sodium.
The above is I for patients with renal failure, we introduce what to eat to help the body, I believe we have a simple understanding, grasp these medical knowledge, with treatment, a reasonable diet is very important, the patients and families of patients should pay attention to patients according to their own condition, reasonably dietary choices, to help consolidate treatment, I wish you a speedy recovery. Will recover, and kidney experts remind everyone, pay attention to maintain a cheerful optimistic attitude.   
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