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What are the diet contraindications of patient with hydronephrosis?

2017-08-25 18:24
What are the diet contraindications of patients with hydrnephrosis? Diet of  hydronephrosis patients should limit the daily intake of salt and water in patients with hydronephrosis. Limit the intake of salt, mainly for patients with edema and hypertension, because not limiting the intake of salt can increase the burden on the kidneys, increase the retention of water and sodium, so that edema is difficult to subside, but also cause elevated blood pressure.
Diet of hydronephrosis patient should pay attention to energy intake, but in order to avoid increasing the burden of hydronephrosis, it is not appropriate to eat too much protein rich foods. Energy intake mainly depends on carbohydrates and fatty foods. Such as unilateral hydronephrosis, do not have to limit the amount of drinking water, if bilateral hydronephrosis, renal dysfunction, to limit the amount of water daily.
Diet of hydronephrosis patients should avoid oxalate rich foods in patients with hydronephrosis. Foods rich in oxalate include legumes, celery, grapes, parsley, spinach, strawberries and vegetables. Avoid alcohol, chocolate, dried figs, lamb, green peppers, and black tea. At the same time, high cholesterol diet, such as animal offal, squid, fat meat, fish, squid and so on, is also the diet of patients with hydronephrosis (diet hydronephrosis patients) should avoid food.
What are the diet contraindication of patients with hydronephrosis? The above content is described in details, only for your reference. Because the diet of hydronephrosis patients is closely related to the severity of the disease, patients should make appropriate dietary plans according to their own circumstances.

 What are the diet contraindications of patients with hydronephrosis

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