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What does diet of mild hydronephrosis include?

2017-08-25 18:08
Hydronephrosis is usually caused by stones blocked ureter, for the treatment of hydronephrosis, must not ignore the hydronephrosis diet. Treatment and diet care combined with each other in order to achieve the best effect. What does diet of mild hydronephrosis include?
Mild hydronephrosis diet requires increased energy intake, but in order to avoid increasing the burden of kidney with hydronephrosis, we do not recommend eating too much protein-rich foods. Energy intake mainly rely on carbohydrates and fatty foods; patients with unilateral hydronephrosis, water intake is not limited; patients with bilateral hydronephrosis and renal dysfunction should limit daily intake of water.
What does diet of mild hydronephrosis include? Kidney stones can also cause hydronephrosis, so usually prevent the recurrence of stones in the life to reduce the consumption of oxalic acid food, such as spinach, amaranth, mustard, etc, to take the initiative to drink water and control in a certain order of magnitude, urinate on time, so as not to enhance the burden on the kidneys.
What does diet of mild hydronephrosis include? The above is a detailed introduction, mild hydronephrosis diet doesn’t have too much limitation, as long as the patient pay attention to diet and take active treatment, it is still very possible to cure. About the introduction of diet for mild hydronephrosis, for your reference only.

What does diet of mild hydronephrosis include

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