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What does kidney failure patient have to fruit

2016-12-27 10:21
Due to the impact of bad habits, leading to more and more people are suffering from a kidney disease, chronic kidney disease due to deterioration caused the number of renal failure is also increasing, people in addition to treatment, the daily diet is very important. For patients with renal failure
That eating fruits need to be selective, avoid the improper selection of fruit, increase the burden on the kidneys, and cause unnecessary trouble, so we should do it, surely we know less and less, please take everyone to a kidney specialist
Know kidney failure patients can eat 7 fruits.
[kidney failure can eat 7 fruits]:
1, persimmon persimmon: cold, cold to disease, frail, dry stool should not eat persimmon. The persimmon tannin material has a strong convergence effect, excessive consumption may cause astringent mouth, numbness, dry stool. Fasting to eat persimmon easily
Happen stomach stone disease, cause abdominal pain.
2, bananas: bananas are cold fruit, excessive consumption will cause damage to the stomach function, especially physical discomfort should pay attention to. Bananas rich in potassium, excessive consumption of nephritis patients will aggravate the condition.
3, coconut: heart failure and edema serious patients avoid eating water containing more fruits, such as eating a large number of watermelon or drink too much coconut juice, will make heart weakness and edema aggravating.
4, pear: because pear pectin content is very high, can promote food digestion, promote stool excretion. But the pear cold to cause diarrhea, kidney patients to eat less children, especially children should not eat stool.
5, pomegranate anti constipation: Chinese medicine believes that apple, pomegranate has astringent effect, can be used to deal with diarrhea, so constipation should eat less. Apple is rich in tannic acid and protein binding will become a convergence of tannic acid protein, the bowel
Slow down, thereby prolonging fecal retention time in the intestine, easy to form constipation.
6, pineapple: pineapple contains protease, some people may be allergic after eating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, skin flushing, itching and other symptoms. So before eating the pineapple slices into the salt water for about 20 minutes to break down this
These substances, reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions. Another patient suffering from peptic ulcer, liver and kidney disease should be fasting.
7, lit patients to eat oranges, prevent abdominal pain, diarrhea.
After the introduction of the above, everyone on the renal failure diet should be clear, prevention and treatment of nephropathy is a gradual process, in addition to diet control, drug treatment is also very important, the correct treatment should be under the guidance of doctors, mainly still
Is the self maintenance and health care, kidney disease patients to strengthen the preventive measures of kidney disease, do a good job of self-care, actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, establish the confidence to overcome the disease. Restore health at an early date.
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