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Daily nursing knowledge of diabetic nephropathy patients

2017-08-23 17:30

Developed diabetic nephropathy, should receive correct treatment in time. At the same time, diabetic nephropathy needs special attention. Because diabetic nephropathy not only needs to be treated by medication, we also need to pay great attention to the daily diet. We have a good habit of making good eating habits, and it's good for our recovery and prevention. Many patients have a history of diabetes for about a decade, so the attention to life is getting used to it. If you want to be able to have a healthy body at an early age, it's hard to change your lifestyle. And we need nursing care. It's better to go hand in hand. Let's take a look at the nursing knowledge. 

1. Increase the sugar content in diabetic nephropathy patients skin, suitable bacteria breeding, higher blood sugar, blood neutrophils slow-moving, sterilization ability is reduced, and the body form antibody, a decrease in the ability of reason often complicated with skin purulent infection, fungal infection, should strengthen the skin care, keep skin clean, frequently change clothes, oil protect dry skin, and promptly treating folliculitis. 

2. Patients with diabetic nephropathy are often accompanied by vascular lesions, which can cause limb ischemia or vascular embolism, and can be prone to tissue necrosis on the basis of infection and trauma. Easily merged with foot necrosis. 

3. The wound treatment, resection and necrotic tissue, thoroughly qingchuang, the daily change of medicine 1 time, change the medicine with the physiological saline and 3% hydrogen peroxide rinse. 

4. With warm water every night 20 min (40 ℃) bubble foot, after the bubble gently wipe with a soft towel, to prevent any minor damage, avoid to use hot water bag, so as to avoid burns. 

5. The toenail should not be too short to avoid damage to the nail. 

6. Experts pointed out that diabetic nephropathy should constantly observe the arterial pulsation, skin color and elasticity, and find out the ischemia in time. 

7. Avoid all kinds of injuries, such as falls, squeezes, shoes that are elastic and not too tight. 

8. Good skin cleaning care, especially for patients with vaginal edema. Try to use cushions to support friction areas and reduce activities to prevent friction. 

Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful in the care of diabetic nephropathy. We start with routine care, and we avoid suffering from kidney disease. I hope everyone has a healthy body. 

Daily nursing knowledge of diabetic nephropathy patients

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