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How should the kidney disease patient care?

2017-08-11 16:38

How do families care for patients with kidney disease?Nursing work responsibility, whether the effect of nursing in patients with nephropathy is key to recovery in the shortest time, we will provide you a simple introduction about the content, I hope you can help, the kidney is a part of the body is important, if the kidney is a problem that nephropathy will follow, for kidney patients actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment is necessary, how good the family nursing care on the patients, the relevant experts for your summary in addition to a good way, a good nursing can be good kidney treatment as soon as possible, to a state of health.The kidney is the main excretory organ of the human body, and the ureter, bladder, urethra composed of Peru urine system, is an important organ in the human body to maintain a constant environment. Many causes of kidney disease, such as abnormal reactions, infections, metabolic disorders, medications, and any factors that reduce renal blood flow, can cause kidney damage. Effective nursing according to the different conditions and stages of the disease is of great significance for improving the life therapy and delaying the progression of chronic renal failure. Its main aspects are as follows:

(a), mental and psychological nursing of Chinese medicine said that the recuperation of emotion, due to kidney disease is long, and easy to relapse, patients thought the burden is heavy, so it is important to understand and encourage patients to express their ideological concerns, encourage patients to open-minded, relax and avoid negative and pessimistic, but do not drill dead end. Learn recuperation emotion, establish the confidence to overcome the disease, the disease early rehabilitation.

(two) life care

1, promote physical and mental rest: such as renal hypertension should be measured regularly blood pressure, according to changes in blood pressure, increase bed rest time.

2, a reasonable diet: the diet should carry out specific dietary guidance to patients according to each kind of diseases, such as renal insufficiency, high calorie intake should be (a sugar based), high quality low protein diet, limiting flux, maintain water balance.

3, pay attention to oral care: morning and after meals should gargle, keep mouth clean, remove bad breath, reduce nausea, prevent bacteria and mold breeding.

4, strengthen skin care: good skin care in patients with chronic renal failure, is the prevention of skin infection, an important work of bedsore and related complications, due to frost deposition on uremic patients often have skin irritation, itching and discomfort, and sleep, and very easy to scratch the skin after infection, it should be frequently cleaned with warm water. Keep the skin clean, do not use soap and alcohol. Frequently change underwear, sheets. With serious edema patients, more attention should be paid to the protection of the skin, often replace the prone position, pressed parts massage, prevention of bedsore.

How should the kidney disease patient care

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