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Can proteinuria affect pregnancy?

2017-08-10 18:14
Proteinuria refers to the presence of protein in the urine, which appears to be frothy and will not disappear for a long time. So, can proteinuria affect pregnancy? This is a lot of people are concerned about the problem, the following let us together come to understand it.
Proteinuria is generally associated with renal function, and if the kidneys do not receive damage, it generally does not affect fertility. But if the patient is proteinuria caused by chronic nephritis, then it is likely to affect future pregnancy.
Can proteinuria affect pregnancy? Patients with proteinuria in the course of medication is not recommended for childbearing, according to the patient's own situation, if the blood pressure control, kidney function and urine routine is no problem, of course, fertility. Proteinuria patients do not worry too much, as long as actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, control the indicators, and pay more attention to food and life, it is possible to have children, do not have psychological pressure. But after pregnancy should pay attention to diet and have regular examination.
Can proteinuria affect pregnancy? There are many reasons for the formation of proteinuria, such as glomerular and renal tubular lesions, proteinuria can be; bacterial infection, also can appear proteinuria; non infectious diseases, such as kidney stones, polycystic kidney, renal amyloidosis, shock, severe muscle damage, fever, jaundice, hyperthyroidism hemolytic anemia and leukemia, also can appear proteinuria. Physiological proteinuria is common in eating high protein diet, mental excitement, strenuous exercise, long time to pregnancy, and so on may appear temporarily proteinuria. Therefore, proteinuria patients should first determine the cause of the disease, and then according to the doctor's decision to decide whether or not to conceive.

Can proteinuria affect pregnancy

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