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Hair loss must be caused by kidney disease?

2017-07-30 16:40
Hair loss must be caused by kidney disease? Hair loss is not necessarily caused by kidney disease, in daily life we will inevitably lose some hair, this may be caused by often stay up late, or other reasons, but it does not rule out the cause of kidney disease. Next let’s take a look at how to distinguish whether it is kidney disease.
Physiological hair loss is normal hair loss of human body, for this kind of hair loss we do not have to be nervous every day, because the number of hair loss is within the range of normal range. Generally this type of hair loss is mainly in the catagen and telogen, then there will grow a lot of new hair on head.
Pathological hair loss is easy to understand from the word, because of physical problems lead to abnormal hair loss. This kind of hair loss, not only there is abnormal hair loss on human head, and the head is relatively bright, and not easy to grow new hair, the main hair loss area is on the top and forehead. Pathological hair loss is easy to understand from the literal, in fact, the hair of head has not yet reached the level of complete sparse, but the hair itself has begun to turn yellow, soft, oil, and so on, so if head has these symptoms, you can determine your own health has been abnormal.
If it is physiological hair loss, then do not worry, this is a normal phenomenon that everyone will have; but if it is pathological hair loss, then the patient must pay attention to it, and go to the hospital for inspection timely, so as to find it early and take early treatment.
Hair loss must be caused by kidney disease? Through the introduction of the above, we understand that hair loss is not necessarily caused by kidney disease, we should learn to distinguish between physiological hair loss and pathological hair loss, take timely treatment. If you have any other questions, please consult our online doctor or leave us a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Hair loss must be caused by kidney disease

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