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What to do with severe proteinuria in diabetic nephropathy?

2017-07-24 16:41
Diabetic nephropathy is a very dangerous disease, if the treatment is improper will cause a variety of complications, what to do with severe proteinuria in diabetic nephropathy?
Diabetic nephropathy is mainly caused by glomerular collagen synthesis increased degradation and degradation, resulting in thickening of the basement membrane, mesangial matrix increased, resulting in glomerular filtration dysfunction, leakage of protein, for the treatment of good blood sugar control, treatment of renal injury should be timely symptomatic treatment, protect the kidney function at same time, prevention of complications, and make patients maintain a good lifestyle and mood in daily life.
If proteinuria of patients with diabetic nephropathy is positive, if the disease is not timely controlled, will develop to renal failure, life will be threatened. So make sure to effectively reduce proteinuria, restore renal function. Use gene intervention therapy to re-regulate the body's immune function, so that the body produces a huge super-self-repair ability to accelerate its metabolism and repair, improve renal pathological changes, so as to protect the remaining kidney units, and restore damaged kidney units fundamentally.
What to do with severe proteinuria in diabetic nephropathy? From the above description we learned that diabetic nephropathy with severe proteinuria is caused by kidney damage. So make sure to actively control blood pressure, blood lipids, uric acid and blood sugar, pay attention to low-salt low-fat diet; pay attention to avoid fatigue in daily life, adjust mentality appropriately.
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What to do with severe proteinuria in diabetic nephropathy

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