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How to prevent senile nephrotic syndrome?

2017-07-12 17:17
How to prevent senile nephrotic syndrome? Elderly nephrotic syndrome is an elderly disease, the human body has a great deal of harm, so we want to avoid the occurrence of senile nephrotic syndrome. Here we come together to understand how to prevent senile nephrotic syndrome.
Research shows that people from the age of 60 began to enter the old stage.It sounds very young, but has entered the old age, it is because from the age of 60 our body began to change, such as basal metabolic rate decreased, cell function Decline, while the function of the organ has also changed. The number of cells in the body to reduce the gradual loss of minerals, the body of water has also been reduced, the function of each system has also been reduced, so we have to exercise more, pay attention to diet to prevent senile nephrotic syndrome.
  Due to the special constitution of the elderly, whether it is to do exercise or diet, can not be based on the normal adult standards to request. Taking into account the situation of the elderly, in view of the condition of the elderly, attention should be paid to the prevention of nephrotic syndrome in the elderly:
Suffering from cold to timely treatment. Medication should pay attention to drug allergy, to avoid the use of nephrotoxic drugs, so as to avoid exacerbations; if the urine has been proteinuria, should promptly identify the cause and treatment; stable condition to regular review, check urine, blood lipids, plasma protein, Blood pressure and so on. The phenomenon of renal function decline, as far as possible with the renal excretion of drugs, so as not to cause drug accumulation, leading to drug poisoning, increased kidney damage. Should also be appropriate to do some exercise, enhance physical fitness, increase immunity, pay attention to diet, reduce the risk of illness.
Because the elderly nephrotic syndrome is mostly secondary, so we in the prevention of senile nephrotic syndrome, but also pay attention to the timely treatment of other diseases, so as not to cause senile nephrotic syndrome.

How to prevent senile nephrotic syndrome

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