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How long can IgA nephropathy patients live, how to check and

2017-07-11 16:56
Iga nephropathy has a great harm on human body, many Iga nephropathy patients want to treat it, how to check and treat Iga nephropathy? How long can IgA nephropathy patients live? Next let’s learn about it together.
How to check and treat Iga nephropathy?
Iga nephropathy is an immune injury inflammatory response, it is aseptic inflammation, unlike bacterial inflammation caused by bacterial viruses, antibiotic treatment for Iga nephropathy is invalid. And hormones can lead to decreased resistance of human body, cause damage on kidneys. For Iga nephropathy examination and treatment, you can take the following methods:
Iga nephropathy can be checked by renal function to check the incidence of the disease. Iga nephropathy mainly causing kidney damage, check the renal function, you can verify whether suffering from Iga nephropathy.
Combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine: the overall adjustment of immune function to adjust the balance of viscera yin and yang. So that take early treatment, systemic treatment, to prevent the development of end stage renal failure.
Iga nephropathy patients can live for how long?
Iga nephropathy is a high incidence of clinical nephropathy, IGA or IGA immune complex mainly in the deposition of glomerular, resulting in disease caused by damage of filtration membrane. 15% - 20% of patients enter into the end stage renal failure within 10 years, 30% - 35%  enter into the end stage renal failurein 20 years. Prognosis is associated with pathological type and treatment. There are some patients who can live long term normal life.
Iga nephropathy patients can live for how long, how to check and treat? The above is a detailed description of this question, I believe we have a certain understanding. About how long can Iga nephropathy patients live, as long as take active treatment, choose correct treatment, can live a long-term normal life. If you have any other questions, please consult our online doctor or leave us a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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