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How to correctly understand proteinuria? (A)

2017-06-30 15:25

Proteinuria is one of the symptoms of kidney disease patients can not be ignored. What is proteinuria? Why is proteinurium repeated? How can we completely eliminate proteinuria? In response to these questions, here I summarize some knowledge of proteinuria, with everyone to share.

How does Western medicine explain proteinuria?

What is proteinuria? The problem is that many patients with kidney disease will be mentioned. So what exactly is proteinuria? Let's do an explanation below. If the urine protein, can be acidified by the urine after heating and become cloudy and detected, known as proteinuria. The human kidney is like a filter, and the glomerular capillaries are like sieves covered with mesh. Under normal circumstances, the mesh can only screen small molecules of protein, of which 98% in the renal tubular was absorbed back to the body, the remaining protein and renal tubular and other urinary tract epithelial cells secreted together with a small amount of mucin, so the normal urine contains A small amount of protein, 24 hours urine content of about 40 to 80 mg, up to no more than 150 mg. Due to the small amount of conventional qualitative detection was negative, so the clinical habit of normal urine without protein. If the upper limit of normal urine protein (that is greater than 150 mg / day), with conventional qualitative examination can be measured out called proteinuria.

How does Chinese know proteinuria?

In Western medicine, proteinuria is nephritis, kidney disease, one of the main clinical manifestations. Chinese medicine that the occurrence of proteinuria and exogenous invasion, spleen and kidney loss is closely related. Evil invasion, can be hot and humid dampness, implication under the coke, voicing regardless. The protein appears in the urine. In addition, the cold caused by repeated colds, wind and heat caused by sore throat, moth enlargement, rotten laryngitis and scarlet fever, damp heat caused by a variety of skin infections, can produce proteinuria. Spleen and kidney loss is also very easy to produce proteinuria. Chinese medicine, said: "spleen can be transported in the valley of fine", spleen main Shengqing loose cloth, the body of subtle material metaplasia and dressing mainly rely on spleen, spleen qi, so the mechanism of proteinuria and temperament deficiency, Fine power is closely related. Clinical often also observed nephritis, nephrotic patients with proteinuria and kidney qi deficiency, due to kidney deficiency hidden debris, solid essence is not right, then the loss of fine material leaving proteinuria.

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