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How to identify oliguria and anuria?

2017-06-30 14:29

Oliguria and anuria are basically the same mechanism. Oliguria, anuria, often accompanied by elevated blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinine, water, electrolyte imbalance and metabolic acidosis and so on. There are three reasons:

Kidney: is due to systemic effective hematocrit, renal blood flow reduction, glomerular filtration pressure and filtration rate decreased urine output. Can be seen in dehydration, heart failure, shock, hypotension, renal artery embolization or adjacent tumor compression and so on.

Renal: oliguria is caused by renal parenchymal damage, can be seen in acute nephritis, acute interstitial nephritis, acute renal tubular necrosis and a variety of chronic nephritis caused by renal failure.

Renal postoperative: mainly urinary tract obstruction caused by the renal pelvis or ureteral stones, blood clots or pustules obstruction of the ureter, ureteral inflammation, edema, scar and stenosis, or kidney compression (such as cancer), adhesions caused by obstruction.

Ordinary people in general, 24 hours urine output in 1500 ml or so, if often more than 2500 ml were called polyuria. Such as 24 hours less than 400 ml of urine output, or less than 17 ml of urine per hour, known as oliguria. If the 24-hour urine output is less than 50 ml or 100 ml, or 12 hours without anuria, it is called anuria. Normal adults at night 2 to 2 times, urine volume of 300 to 400 ml, equivalent to the total daily urine output of 1/4 to 1/3. If the night urine output and the number of significant increase, known as nocturia and more. Polyuria for many reasons, for patients with chronic pyelonephritis, nocturnal enuresis often a signal for renal dysfunction. Oliguria and anuria is clinically extremely serious acute, should immediately find the cause, quickly and effectively to be treated; for chronic pyelonephritis caused by chronic renal failure patients, it is the end of the performance.

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