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Which black food for spring kidney

2016-12-31 14:44
Spring is a good season of kidney, is now a fast-paced society, people work pressure, mental tension, irregular diet, bad habits, kidney failure incidence is high. Kidney failure in the incidence of the problem, usually living to maintain good habits of daily life and pay attention to relax the mental pressure. In the diet should pay attention to, if suffering from renal failure, on how to improve the diet? Life in our choice of diet according to color, is a simple health side. Since the black into the kidney qi, then what black food suitable for the spring kidney?
1, black sesame seeds
Black sesame, sweet natured, nourishing liver and kidney, moistening viscera function, has better therapeutic health effects caused by liver and kidney blood deficiency vertigo, white hair, hair loss, Yaoxisuanruan, constipation etc.. Black sesame contains a variety of essential amino acids in vitamin E, vitamin B1 role in participation, can accelerate the body's metabolic function. In addition, the effect of Ufa beauty, is legendary.
2 black fungus
The taste of black fungus with Ganping, kidney qi, cooling blood to stop bleeding and other effects. Clinical commonly used in the treatment of collapse, hemorrhoids bleeding, hypertension, vascular sclerosis, body deficiency, constipation and other diseases. Black fungus can be used as ingredients into a dish, but also can be used as wax gourd soup, chicken soup and other ingredients in soup.
3 black rice
Black rice is rich in trace elements, there are appetizers beneficial, slippery astringent to complement the fine, warm liver and spleen, blood circulation and other effects; black and purple are precious varieties of rice, which belongs to the class of glutinous rice. It has a "fitness warm stomach, nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, eyesight blood circulation", "liver", Runchang "slippery Yijing, Bufei corrosion reinforcement and other effects. Long term consumption can prolong life.
4 black bean sweet natured, not only shaped like a kidney, and kidney, promoting blood circulation and diuresis, detoxification, moisturizing effect, especially suitable for patients with kidney deficiency. Protein content is as high as 36%-40% beans, meat is equivalent to 2 times, 3 times, egg milk 12 times. Eat beans, can soften blood vessels, nourish the skin, anti-aging. Especially for patients with hypertension, heart disease and other benefits.
5 chestnuts
The taste of sweet chestnut, with stomach and spleen, kidney gluten, blood hemostasis, cough expectorant effect, especially suitable for kidney deficiency caused by Yaoxisuanruan, waist legs fail, more frequent urination and spleen and kidney deficiency of people. Chestnuts in addition to cooked food, but also raw food, and raw chestnuts have better kidney effect. If the elderly eat dried students every day to develop the habit of Chinese chestnut, can achieve effective prevention and treatment of kidney deficiency, backache leg pain to.
The 6 is a relatively rare carambola fruit, but experts pointed out that in uremic patients will be at a distance of carambola. We have also encountered kidney disease exacerbations after carambola, such as primary nephrotic syndrome patients have recurrence after the occurrence of coma in patients with uremia carambola, carambola is edible after dialysis, and even some children eat fruit after hematuria. The related experiment suggested that carambola caused the disease, can cause allergic reactions associated with. Certain substances in Yang Taozhong cause glomerular capillary basement membrane and epithelial cell damage, leading to hematuria. Decoction of rehabilitation of chronic renal failure, made of traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation therapy of chronic renal failure renal failure recovery decoction decoction, curative effect, stable, long-term, usually one to three months after treatment, the disease can be relieved and rare recurrence.
Well above is the expert on renal failure patients, suitable for eating food in the spring, we can learn from ah.
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