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How to treat renal failure of glomerulonephritis

2016-12-26 15:42
How to glomerulonephritis renal failure nursing? This is worth grasping, glomerulonephritis, renal failure can be said to be a kind of disease with relatively large impact, glomerulonephritis further harm is renal failure, brought little suffering to the patients, to avoid the occurrence of disease, we need to find a suitable treatment. To know how to glomerulonephritis renal failure nursing, so as to avoid the occurrence of disease.
How to nursing renal failure of glomerulonephritis:
1, living care
Treatment of renal failure is very important, early treatment is the key. Therefore, for kidney failure, living life, Chinese medicine, chronic renal failure patients is the imaginary turbidity resistance, renal function, and obstruction of Qi and blood feud, camp blood disorders, prone to evil, and make the illness, so ward to ventilation, heating and cooling should be appropriate, should have sufficient sunlight, and do the daily disinfection with vinegar fumigation.
2, oral care
For chronic renal failure treatment, oral care is also essential. Should pay attention to patients with chronic renal failure due to Spleen Yang, endogenous dampness, Qi rise, gas pan, and taste of urine and tongue thick and greasy, affect the appetite. Dirty gas, inhibition of spirit, so oral care is extremely important, before and after meals should gargle, wake up before going to bed after brushing. Obvious niaowei available when double and seven leaf flower water gargle, oral erosion, available Bingpengsan daub.
3, diet nursing
In addition to the regular daily treatment, nursing care of patients with chronic renal failure can also carry out appropriate diet, pay attention to scientific and reasonable diet, avoid eating soy products, wheat starch and corn starch can be used as staple food, mainly with recipes. According to the degree of renal function damage to regulate protein intake, the general daily intake of not more than 50g. To have amalgamative oedema patient, should according to "salty injury kidney", "light ooze wet" principle, food should light not salty. For the infected patients should be Jifu spicy fish, hens and other heat volatiles.
4, medication method
The treatment of chronic renal failure is very important and should be carried out actively. At present, Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure effect is very good, but due to chronic renal failure patients often have vomiting, eat traditional Chinese medicine decoction should be concentrated and a small number of service hours, if a drink the medicine on the spit, available ginger juice or sugar ginger tongue. Vomiting can be patted patients back, after spitting with warm boiling water gargle, keep clean, the replacement of clothing and clothing pollution timely.
5, the spirit of care
To maintain a good state of mind is very important for the treatment of chronic renal failure. However, due to some patients in the condition, the treatment period is long, due to severe psychological pressure, some patients will often have pessimism. We should contact more patients, encourage patients to establish the confidence to overcome the disease, eliminate concerns, maintain a good state of mind. Only in this way can we restore the function of viscera and blood.
How to glomerulonephritis renal failure nursing? The expert analysis and recommendations are given, hoping to get everyone's attention and concern, of course, glomerulonephritis, renal failure of great harm, want to completely reduce the disease harm, everyone in the grasp of the glomerulonephritis renal failure to care, treatment of renal failure is more difficult, but to have a good attitude careful treatment, fine conditioning, keep in good health.
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