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How to care for chronic renal failure uremia

2016-12-26 14:48
More and more people with chronic renal failure, renal failure is a disease that may be caused by many reasons, is a very serious disease. So chronic renal failure uremia care method is what?
(a) living guide
Patients with chronic renal failure, to achieve moderate exercise, from less to more. Moderate sex, pay attention to health.
(two) diet nursing
Traditional Chinese medicine has "salty injury kidney", "light dampness" principle, in patients with chronic renal failure should be low salt and salt free diet, the staple food of rice and flour, restricted protein intake, reduce the burden on the kidney, high-quality protein, animal protein, such as milk, egg, meat, beans, peanuts and soy products fast containing plant protein food. Chronic renal failure patients blood urea nitrogen levels affect vitamin metabolism, diet, vitamin A, vitamin B, C. In less urine or non urine, then restrict the food containing high potassium, so as not to cause hyperkalemia.
(three) life care
1, appropriate to reduce edema: daily regular measurement of weight, accurately record the amount of liquid intake, strictly control the amount of liquid.
2, ensure rest: should bed rest, avoid overworked.
3, prevention of infection: regular ward ventilation and air disinfection, strict aseptic operation. Strengthen life care, educate patients away from public places. Such as skin itching of prescribed medication, avoid scratching.
4, discharge guidance: regular review of renal function, serum electrolytes, accurate recording of daily urine volume.
(four) emotional nursing
Keep optimistic attitude, enhance the body resistance, to "keep healthy, do not be evil". Reasonable diet is particularly important for patients with chronic renal failure. Human wastes is mainly excreted through kidney, due to impairment of renal function in patients with chronic renal failure due to metabolic waste retention, and retention of waste in turn to various organs, the system of the human body form a vicious spiral, reciprocal causation, aggravating illness. Export barriers, imports will be subject to the corresponding restrictions. Chronic renal failure patients with a reasonable diet, help to reduce the retention of metabolic waste, delaying the process and deterioration of chronic renal failure.
(five) the knowledge of nursing
1, lack of knowledge - and do not understand the disease process.
2, understanding the impact of infection on renal failure - associated with decreased leukocyte induced decreased immunity.
3. Knowledge of edema - related to edema caused by advanced kidney disease.
4, understand the injury to the renal failure damage with hypertension or renal osteodystrophy related.
After the illness can pay attention to do positive care, is conducive to disease recovery, and may each kidney failure patients can be sick after the correct treatment and care, early rehabilitation.
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