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Renal failure away from measures

2016-12-31 15:22
Renal failure is a common kidney disease in daily life, the disease has some harm, it is difficult to cure. Chronic renal failure belongs to one of them. Because of the treatment of renal failure, there is no special treatment
, can not completely cure. Therefore, we should strengthen renal failure prevention measures to protect their kidneys not to be hurt. So, renal failure three points away from what is the following is the specific introduction, hope people can seriously
Understand, avoid injury.
Renal failure patients should pay attention to control blood pressure lipid-lowering. Appropriate exercise, help to enhance their immunity, resistance to the occurrence of various diseases. But in sports and rest time, reasonable arrangements for time. Patients with chronic renal failure
Rest time is relatively more than exercise time, try to stay up late, as little as possible to adjust the biological clock, keep the body state of smooth.
Kidney failure patients must beware of cold and infection destroy renal function. Life should be regular, early in the morning according to their physical condition of appropriate exercise, such as Tai Chi, walking, of course, to avoid wind, rain, snow and other weather out, and
Should pay attention to four changes in time to add clothes. Keep the indoor air fresh and circulation, keep warm, prevent the cold.
Maintain good eating habits, advocate low protein diet. Reasonable, scientific nephropathy diet, help to strengthen self conditioning, nutrition kidney protection.
More than five renal failure prevention measures have been described in detail, I believe that patients have some help. In daily life, patients in addition to do these preventive measures, but also to prevent and treat chronic renal failure, to maintain good
Mentality, positive and optimistic face the disease, establish confidence.
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