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Will Chinese medicine Osmotherapy help me get rid of the dia

2017-05-30 11:15

I have kidney failure, but I can not do dialysis, can you help me with other treatments to get rid of dialysis? Recently, a patient asked me this question. Now, this article will explain it in detail.
In general, it is generally advisable to start dialysis when the patient's creatinine level reaches a certain level and undergoes some symptoms of poisoning and complications. However, dialysis does not achieve what they want, and it often causes the patient to experience various symptoms of poisoning and complications. In some cases, patients with heart failure or other serious complications are not allowed to do dialysis.
However, what other treatments are available to help patients avoid dialysis? In China, tongshantang hospital Kidney Disease Hospital provides patients with a natural therapy called Osmotherapy of Micro-traditional Chinese medicine therapy for the purpose of improving renal function. However, before take this treatment to repair the diseased kidney, the toxins and waste products should be excreted first, providing a healthy internal environment to repair the diseased kidneys. With the deposition of toxins and waste products, not only cause further damage to kidney cells and tissues, but also affect the efficiency of kidney treatment drugs. Therefore, the elimination of various toxins and waste products in the body play a major role to help the lesion cells and tissue repair.
Then, use Osmotherapy of Micro-traditional Chinese medicine to make the diseased kidney repair. This is an external application, in which there are many herbs, in addition, herbs are refined into powder to improve their efficiency. In addition, the powder is collected in two packs and placed in your low back area for about 40-50 minutes. By connecting the Penetration machine and the two drugs bags, the active substance in the herbal medicine will come out and then penetrate directly into the kidney lesion. At the same time, enough blood, oxygen, nutrition can also be delivered directly to the kidney lesions. Although the traditional Chinese medicine to repair kidney disease, but can not make dead cells and tissue to survive again. Then, stem cell therapy is the regeneration of new types of cells and tissues.

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