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Reduced kidney function causes skin itching?

2017-05-15 17:15

Reduced renal function causes skin itching? Skin itching often occurs in patients with a kidney problem and it has bad effects on ratotu and sleep. Can reduced kidney function cause skin itching?

Answer: YES, a decrease in kidney function causes skin itching.

1, Due to damage to the kidneys, urea and other wastes can not be removed by the kidneys and accumulate in the blood, which stimulates the skin and sebaceous gland, which leads to dry skin and itching.

2, Accumulation of waste and harmful substances can cause nerve damage, which leads to skin itching.

3, Chronic renal failure (CRF) contributes to secondary hyperparathyroidism, which causes an elevated level of calcium. Calcium accumulates in the skin and causes skin itching.

How to weaken itching in patients with a kidney problem?

We must strictly limit the use of phosphorus and protein. Calamine lotion (calamine lotion) and antipruritic alcohol help to weaken the itching of the skin. However, only to control the symptoms is not enough and it is necessary to improve kidney function. It is difficult to treat kidney disease. In our hospital Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, therapeutic foot bath, Mai Kang and decoction.

Therapeutic foot baths are herbal baths, that is, put your feet in hot herbal water. In this process, the pores of the skin will open and the particular toxins can stretch out through the skin, and then the pruritus can be weakened. At the same time, Micro Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, Mai Kang mixture and decoctions are also accepted. They can repair and recover damaged kidneys, improve blood circulation, fight inflammation, stop kidney fibrosis, etc. After some days of treatment, the decrease in kidney function is alleviated.

I hope that what I write helps you. If you have any questions about kidney problems, then leave us a message and we are very happy to help you.

please leave a message if you have questions,experts will reply to you soon,and help you relieve the pain.
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