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Renal Insufficiency and Genetic

2017-05-15 16:48

Renal Insufficiency and Genetic. Many patients or family members or friends have doubts, what is renal failure andgenetic? In fact, this problem is not as simple as it seems. Contact the doctor to get more information quickly and directly for free.

Renal failure refers to the progressive loss of kidney function for several months or years. This is an assessment of kidney function. In its early stage, there are no obvious symptoms or complications that can remind patients of kidney damage. As aggravation of the disease, the patient's morbid state will be seriously affected. Systemic multiple systems and organs will also be damaged, and patients should take kidney dialysis or kidney transplants to maintain their lives.

By pathogenesis, renal failure can be pided into 3 types-primary, secondary and congenital kidney disease.

In general, kidney failure is not a kind of hereditary disease. But some special kidney diseases can also be genetic. Such as polycystic kidney and so on. In addition, although most of the kidney disease can not transmit to others, the heritable susceptibility to it can cause some other serious effects. That is, if you have kidney disease, your children are susceptible to CKD (chronic renal failure).

So pay more attention to your children's health with and taking some routine urine tests on their kidneys. If there are some symptoms, such as proteinuria or hematuria, you need to take some timely and effective treatment methods to control or alleviate their condition.

In addition, for patients with kidney failure, living a healthy life is important for them to alleviate their condition. Avoid the cold, smoke, drink and keep a healthy diet beneficial for them to save their lives.

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