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Check yourself-Are you prone to have kidney disease???

2017-05-01 19:27

It is generally believed that those who are over 60 years of old who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, gout, hyperuricemia, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome and those with diabetes, hypertension or chronic kidney disease History, more susceptible to have kidney disease. In addition, smoking, obesity, high protein diet, hyperlipidemia, and drug abuse, is also an important factor in promoting the progress of kidney disease.

Nephropathy is terrible, because early in the disease, the symptoms are extremely mild or no symptoms, resulting in the majority of patients in medical treatment, renal function has been significantly reduced. Therefore, prevention and early detection of lesions is particularly important. To prevent the occurrence of nephropathy, we must first proceed from high-risk groups, as soon as possible to take measures to protect the kidneys, to avoid causing a variety of risk factors for kidney damage, such as strict control of blood pressure, blood sugar, try to avoid the use of nephrotoxic drugs. Second, we should pay attention to minor symptoms, when there is no symptoms of foam urine, urine color changes, nocturia increased, etc., to timely treatment. Third, regular health examination, annual examination of renal function, urine and blood pressure, but also help early diagnosis of kidney disease.

What are the signs of renal dysfunction?

Early signs of renal dysfunction may have increased nocturia, mild fatigue, drowsiness, yellowing, poor appetite and so on. But these symptoms are not typical, easy to be mistaken for fatigue, stomach or sub-health caused by. And some patients mainly for high blood pressure, thought he was suffering from primary hypertension, eat a lot of antihypertensive drugs, but do not know the root of their own high blood pressure in the kidney. Nocturia increased, foam urine is often the signal of kidney disease. In the past, kidney history, urine routine examination and renal function tests have suggested a slight abnormalities, it may be a signal of kidney disease.


Chronic kidney disease is not guard against, nor is it ill. As long as regular urine, blood or ultrasound, can be achieved early detection and early diagnosis. And early detection and prevention is the most effective way to prevent and cure chronic kidney disease and its associated diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Even if you have been suffering from chronic kidney disease, as long as the early active treatment, such as good control of blood pressure, control blood sugar, lower blood lipids, take kidney protection measures (ACEI and ARB drugs), can also effectively control its development.

Is there a way to early detection of kidney disease?

To early detection of kidney disease, urine examination and renal function every year I am afraid that the most simple and effective method. Urine routine examination can test the urine specific gravity, pH and inflammatory response, microscopic examination can also observe the urine of red blood cells, white blood cell morphology and number, with or without epithelial cells, tube and crystallization, etc., for kidney disease The screening is very effective. Renal function test by measuring the blood creatinine value to determine the patient's renal function. There are high risk factors for kidney disease, you can add a urine micro-protein determination to determine whether the early renal damage.

Got kidney disease, kidney failure is only a matter of time?

Chronic renal failure is the end result of a gradual deterioration of various chronic kidney diseases. Chronic nephritis if persistent healing, it is possible to develop into chronic renal failure. But not to say that all kidney disease will develop into chronic renal failure, most of the kidney disease as long as the early detection, and under the guidance of a professional doctor for timely and correct treatment, generally will not become renal failure.

Western medicine treatment of kidney disease, usually using symptomatic, anti-inflammatory, and according to different types of renal pathology, given hormones or immunosuppressive therapy, clinical efficacy is more reliable. Chinese medicine is based on different dialectical use of heat, detoxification, and other means to treat kidney disease. Combination of Chinese and Western treatment of kidney disease, Western medicine can be "disease" and traditional Chinese medicine "syndrome" combined, according to the principle of syndrome differentiation, in the treatment of each other, give full play to their advantages, so that the effect can be significantly improved. Patients with chronic kidney disease after a combination of active traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, supplemented by a reasonable diet conditioning, rest, most of the condition can be alleviated, the symptoms will be significantly reduced.

Therefore, patients with chronic kidney disease need not be pessimistic and disappointed, should maintain an optimistic state of mind, with the doctor in close cooperation, as long as active treatment, close observation, most patients will be recovered.

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