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What is the common nursing method for patients with renal fa

2016-12-25 17:24
Chronic renal failure, so that patients can cause skin edema, skin itching, sallow complexion, malaise, nausea and vomiting, urine volume change, seriously affect the health, we need to pay attention to the occurrence of the disease, the correct and effective treatment for treatment, can enter the oral care, Chinese medicine care, then. What is the common way of nursing care of patients with renal failure?
1 Traditional Chinese medicine nursing: Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure should pay attention to the implementation of nursing measures, but also pay attention to less or not to damage the kidney of traditional Chinese medicine or proprietary Chinese medicine.
2 Western Medicine Administration nursing: the treatment of chronic renal failure by western medicine to avoid nephrotoxic drugs, such as aminoglycosides (gentamicin, amikacin, tobramycin), vancomycin, must pay attention to application based on renal function reduction
The amount of. Antibiotics and antihypertensive drugs for heavier chronic renal failure, the best selection of double tract (which can be excreted from the kidney, also can be excreted from the other way) drugs, such as Phu Simpson Leigh, cefoperazone, ceftriaxone, benazepril etc.. Cimetidine can inhibit
For renal tubular excretion of creatinine, it is generally less, must be available when the application of products such as Rene Titi, Losec etc.. See the specific contents of treating chronic renal failure.
3 oral care: Patients with chronic renal failure due to damp turbid evil stimulation, easy now uremia MI, mouth ulcers, effects of eating, severe trismus, available water, water contents of 2% honeysuckle licorice, gargle, no limit on the number of. And coated with ulcer powder,
Bingpengsan, to promote wound healing. Without the above performance, usually to keep the mouth clean, mild patients before, after dinner, before going to bed with saline, 10% water, 10% water, honeysuckle Radix Scutellariae mouthwash. Severe patients have pumping
Long, lienable dental pad, to prevent the tongue bite.
4 record weight and intake and output: chronic renal failure patients record weight and intake is very important, the intake and output records should be careful, correct, to estimate whether the balance is to decide whether to add water, salt or limited. Edema patients measured daily weight
Times (bedridden exception), said the weight of time, conditions fixed as far as possible to understand anhydrous sodium retention, dehydration.
What are some ways to help patients overcome renal failure?
(1) hemodialysis is the most important treatment for acute renal failure, and most scholars advocate dialysis therapy as soon as possible. There are two dialysis methods: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is commonly used, but for some hypotension
Patients with poor bleeding and poor vascular conditions may be treated with peritoneal dialysis.
(2) the conservative treatment of acute renal failure after acute renal failure to cure recurrent formation, to strictly control the liquid volume to achieve the fluid input and output balance, electrolyte disturbance, hyperkalemia is a major cause of death in oliguric stage, strictly limit the drug and food
Intake of potassium in the animal, while actively control infection, clear necrotic tissue, to avoid the loss of obsolete inventory of blood, correct acidosis, etc., to prevent the occurrence of hyperkalemia.
(3) anti infection treatment infection is the common cause and main cause of death of acute tubular necrosis. It is more important to control infection after tubular necrosis. Drugs with strong antibacterial effect and low renal toxicity should be used.
Can adjust drug dosage and medication interval; many drugs can be dialysis exclusion, dialysis should be supplemented after dialysis
Usually we need to pay attention to the nursing program, should also pay attention to weight control, reasonable medication, usually we need to pay attention to eat less salty foods, effectively control their weight, usually in daily life, we need to note
Patients with physical care, should pay attention to their conditioning way, can be more conducive to the treatment of disease, improve life therapy, delay the survival rate, to social and family benefits.
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