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Proteinuria is how is it?

2017-03-31 09:41

Urine protein is more common in patients with nephropathy,When checking many patients also found problems of their own urine protein appears,So how much harm urinary protein it?The appearance of urinary protein is often the performance of renal function problems, the patient found in the presence of urinary protein must be checked after the clear reasons for the timely treatment.

Urine protein damage

First, proteinuria of mesangial toxicity

In the model of renal failure, serum protein accumulation in the glomerular mesangial can be observed. The aggregation of these macromolecules in the mesangial area can cause mesangial cell damage and increase the proliferation of mesangial matrix, The ball is hardened. In the model of proteinuria nephropathy, apolipoprotein B and apolipoprotein A deposition of low density lipoprotein (LDL) and very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) in glomeruli eventually lead to glomerulosclerosis.

Second, the toxic effects of proximal tubule cells

In the case of proteinuria, the amount of protein entering the renal tubular epithelial cells increases, causing lysosomal activity to increase, suggesting that the protein causes lysosomes to overflow into the tubule cytoplasm, followed by cell damage to stimulate inflammation and scar formation.

Third, caused by the biological changes of tubule cells

There are many cases of proteinuria in the presence of cell hyperplasia, which represents a non-adaptive response, leading to renal failure. More and more evidence shows that protein can directly regulate the function of tubule cells, change its growth characteristics and its cytokines and matrix protein phenotype expression, can lead to the release of PDGF, FN and MCP-1 on the basal ganglia.

Fourth, caused by interstitial hypoxia increased

Protein reabsorption of a large number of protein to absorb additional energy, can cause small tube cells hypoxia, resulting in small tube cell damage

Through the above description, we have a greater understanding of the dangers of urinary protein, then how to prevent the emergence of urine protein in life?

Urine protein prevention methods

First, the diet improved

For people living and working more stress, it is best to eat talk, easy to digest, fresh vegetables, fruits, low fat, low sugar, moderate drinking water. Bogey lamb, spicy, stimulating, seafood, beef and other food.

Second, to prevent infection

For patients who have been urinary protein, we must avoid the occurrence of infection, such as colds, trauma need to be actively prevented.

Third, the rational use of drugs

In the absence of a will to avoid the abuse of drugs, kidney disease patients should disable amikacin, streptomycin, gentamicin and other nephrotoxic drugs. Prohibited Aoki, wood and other aristolochic acid drugs.

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