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What are the principles of the diet of kidney disease?

2017-03-06 17:24

First, the basic principles of kidney diet

1, kidney disease patients can choose to be rich in vitamin A, B2 and C food, in order to ensure a reasonable diet, develop good eating habits.

2, drink plenty of water, water is in patients with nephropathy without limit, drinking orange juice, Watermelon Juice, Orange Juice, Guo Zi water and vegetable juice, with diuretic swelling


3, for hypertension and edema of the patients were treated with less salt, salt free diet, not blind, to avoid improper diet, disease

Therapeutic effect.

4, every day to provide patients with the corresponding protein, in order to promote the improvement of the disease. General should be based on the normal needs of the supply, adult daily weight per kg

0.8~1.0 G. And the physiological value is high in protein, such as eggs, milk, meat and so on, in order to compensate the loss and avoid excretion, treatment of edema and anemia.

5, if accompanied by anemia, should choose foods rich in protein and iron, such as liver, kidney, beef, egg yolk and green vegetables. If the patient is accompanied

People with high blood pressure or high blood fat, must limit the dietary saturated fatty acids and cholesterol content, in order to prevent the aggravation of the disease.

To understand the basic principles of the kidney diet, look at what are the errors of kidney disease patients need to avoid it?

Two, kidney disease in the diet of the four errors

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Myth: vegetarian does not contain protein: kidney disease patients should emphasize low quality protein diet, some patients believe that vegetarian does not contain protein, long-term vegetarian, this

The misunderstanding of food proteins. Experts believe that: food protein comes from two aspects of plant protein and animal protein, although most of the plant protein

The content of the protein is lower than that of the animal, but the protein content of the daily staple foods such as rice and flour is 8% - 9%, and the protein content of the bean and bean products can be reduced

More than 20%, due to the plant protein contains less essential amino acids, and high potassium content, it is not suitable for patients with chronic renal failure.

Error two: do not eat salt or salt on behalf of the autumn stone: limited salt on high blood pressure, edema, oliguria of chronic nephritis, renal failure patients is necessary, but not limited salt

Representatives do not eat salt, unless the high degree of edema need to strictly limit the salt or even water, generally should take a low salt diet. Therefore, patients with chronic nephritis of salt intake should be

Depending on the specific circumstances of the doctor may be determined, excessive fear of salt is not necessary, but also some patients with autumn stone instead of salt is not desirable. Autumn stone light autumn stone and salty

Autumn stone, light autumn stone is the main component of the white and salt, but also useful in white, autumn dew and gypsum and other processing made, the main ingredients such as salt autumn salt

So, there is no scientific reason to use autumn stone instead of salt.

Myth three: hunger therapy can protect kidney function: due to some of the patient's misunderstanding of animal protein, resulting in some patients take hunger therapy". his

This is a wrong practice. Because staple foods and animal proteins are subject to excessive restrictions, patients often suffer from malnutrition, coupled with "hunger therapy"",

More severe malnutrition, resulting in decreased body resistance and hypoproteinemia, anemia, etc., and easy to merge infection, aggravate the condition, leading to renal failure


Have chronic kidney disease, there are some foods to be limited, but the condition is different from the restrictions of the food is also different, you need to learn more about all kinds of food

Can eat the reason, so as not to quit the wrong mouth but not good. For example, some patients with chronic kidney disease due to potassium excretion is not good, easy to hyperkalemia, need to limit high potassium food

Such as seaweed, bananas, oranges and so on, but some patients, such as renal tubular acidosis long row of excessive potassium, but need to add more potassium food.


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