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What types of kidney deficiency? Attention to kidney deficie

2017-03-06 17:17

The kidney is the root of human righteousness. Healthy enough, human have enough ability to remove disease.

If you want to know whether the kidney, can be seen from the following aspects -

Know what type of kidney deficiency

Kidney yang deficiency - cold chills as the main feature. Kidney yang deficiency, will show the waist and knee pain or numbness, cold and chills, cold extremities

The lower limb, particularly serious, pale and not shiny or black and opaque, lassitude, listlessness, dizzy; urine clear long, nocturia, row

Urine weakness, dripping urine urine, or oliguria edema; or belly bulge, easy to diarrhea, loose stools and pull not digest food, some people watch

Now the day dawn diarrhea; or men's libido, impotence and premature ejaculation, emission; women's palace cold infertility, clear and thin leucorrhea quantity.

Kidney deficiency is the main characteristic of fire -. We will be known as the "kidney yin deficiency hot gens", they also have heat in the kidney. kidney yin

The virtual physical person, will appear the waist or knee aching pain, dizzy, tinnitus and deafness, insomnia, emaciation; two palms, soles of the feet and heart

Mouth fever fever, body like the tide bouts of sleep at night sweating (night sweats), zygomatic red red, dry mouth and throat, dry stool, urine

Little yellow man; Yang Qiang easily (easy penis erection), spermatorrhea premature ejaculation; women's menstruation, or even amenorrhea, or menorrhagia or etc..

Qi and yin deficiency syndrome two - the same kind of people at the same time with the performance of yin deficiency and Qi deficiency. At the same time there is deficiency of the kidney yin deficiency in hot signs, such as hand foot

Heat, heart fever irritability, dry mouth, short yellow urine, dry stool, tongue, red tongue, thin tongue less. The performance of qi deficiency such as fatigue

Less gas lazy words, (not spontaneous activity when not sleep sweating), inability to urinate or urine after dripping urine, sweating activity increased.

Pay attention to the body of the 9 anomalies

Saltytaste, feel the salty taste should be considered It is without rhyme or reason., kidney deficiency may. The relationship between TCM and kidney is salty inside most closely, salt into the kidney

Statement。 Kidney yin deficiency, in addition to saltytaste, often accompanied by dry mouth and throat, dizziness, tinnitus, Yaoxisuanruan, five upset hot, insomnia and other symptoms.

Good fear - the fear of unprovoked feeling, should consider the possibility of kidney deficiency. There are two aspects of the fear of kidney, on the one hand, said the fear can damage the kidney

For example, we usually say "scared urine pants", is the fear of kidney injury performance. On the other hand, it is to say that fear is the manifestation of kidney deficiency

Margin without any feeling of fear, often have kidney problems.

Cold - cold, should consider the deficiency of the kidney may. Cold chills is Yang and the performance deficiency is the root cause of kidney yang deficiency, so the root of chills in kidney


Yawn - yawn again and again, lasting more than, should consider the possibility of kidney deficiency. Yawning is a physiological phenomenon that is often encountered in life

Tired sleepy, or sleeping wake up when they attack, the time of yawning is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not worry. But if any

Time, when not tired yawn again and again, lasting more than may indicate that you have kidney problems, should cause enough attention.

Sneeze sneezing frequently, more than, should consider the possibility of kidney deficiency. Kidney deficiency caused by sneezing, sneezing is often repeated, more than

At the same time, accompanied by fatigue or pain, Yaoxisuanruan, lusterless complexion, cold, cold hands and feet and other symptoms in patients with allergic rhinitis for.

Abnormal saliva - whether saliva or less, should consider the possibility of kidney deficiency. Under normal circumstances, the mouth of saliva moderate, people do not feel the mouth

In the dry, don't feel too much slobber, if the kidney yin deficiency, kidney Yin fluid in secretion, saliva will become less; if the kidney yang deficiency, kidney Yin fluid in the

Excessive secretion, saliva will become more. Therefore, whether it is too much saliva, or too little saliva, are likely to have kidney problems.

Swarthy complexion, black and dull, should consider the possible kidney deficiency. Chinese red blue yellow, white and black colored and black five elements.

Color water. Black is the kidney, black things are mostly related to the kidney.

The helix - helix black color black and dull, should consider the possible kidney deficiency. The ear of the renal orifices outside, the main by the kidney, so helix

Black and dull dull when that kidney deficiency.

Loose teeth - all loose teeth, should consider the possibility of kidney deficiency. The kidney governs the bone, the bone nourishes the kidney essence, the kidney is good. While the teeth are bone

The quality of the bone directly affects the quality of the teeth. So, there is a close relationship between kidney and teeth, kidney bone raises, the teeth will be unstable, a

Loose teeth problems.

Look at your tongue in the mirror

For ordinary readers, how the tongue diagnosis whether they have kidney problems and what type of kidney?

(1) tongue than in normal tongue and thin tongue, is crimson red, than the normal red tongue, tongue without fur, is the manifestation of kidney yin deficiency.

(2) there are many different shades, and crack shapes of the tongue, is the expression of kidney yin deficiency.

(3) the tongue without fur, smooth as a mirror, is a serious manifestation of kidney yin deficiency.

(4) red tongue, tongue edge Hair

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