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What should be noticed in the diet when the body is sufferin

2017-03-06 17:16

Kidney disease is a common disease of the human body, but also multiple diseases, such as our common uremia is a disease of the kidney. When the body has kidney disease

In the diet, which should be noted that inappropriate diet may lead to more serious kidney disease, so for patients with kidney disease, pay attention to diet

Can not slow down, look at the following should pay attention to what.

1 low salt low fat

Limit salt: such as edema or high blood pressure in the kidney, should limit the amount of salt, the average daily salt intake to 2 - 4G is appropriate. Because the low salt diet is beneficial to avoid

Avoid water and sodium retention, prevent aggravating edema and hypertension. Low fat: fat can lead to atherosclerosis, and kidney disease itself is a manifestation of renal arteriosclerosis, so

We should use more vegetable fat, eat less animal fat, and the daily intake of vegetable oil in 60 - 70g. Vegetable oils such as soybean oil, sunflower oil,

Olive oil or peanut oil instead of animal fat as a source of energy, saturated fatty acids rarely, and contains more unsaturated fatty acids, which not only

It does not harden the arteries, but also lowers cholesterol.

2 high quality low protein

Zhou Xin pointed out that excessive intake of protein, can increase the burden on the kidneys, so to control the total amount of protein intake. But protein is an important nutrient

Substance, is the human body can not be missing, especially essential amino acids are the body itself can not be synthesized from the external intake, so with more essential amino acids

High quality protein should be guaranteed. The specific implementation is to minimize the plant protein, because the plant protein contains a large number of purine bases, excessive intake will increase

Kidney burden, the appropriate supplement milk, eggs, fish, lean meat and other animal protein.

3 add calories

Insufficient heat will use the body's own protein, so that creatinine, urea nitrogen increased, aggravating illness, so make up the heat is extremely important. In the low protein diet

Food, heat supply must be adequate to maintain normal physiological needs, daily intake of 30 - 35 thousand calories per kilogram of body weight. "You can choose some heat

The amount of high and low protein content of staple foods, such as potatoes, lotus root starch, vermicelli, taro, sweet potato, yam, pumpkin, water chestnut powder, water chestnut powder, the

The total calorie intake reached the standard range, to ensure the balance between supply and demand." Zhou Xin said.

4 low potassium diet

Hyperkalemia is one of the most common complications of chronic renal failure. Severe hyperkalemia can lead to cardiac arrest and other life-threatening, it should be very

Be vigilant。 In order to prevent hyperkalemia, daily potassium intake should be restricted below 2G, Shensi high potassium food, but also by the methods of cooking the high potassium content of food

To K like potatoes soaked in water, the water boiled vegetables in the abandoned water food, fruit and sugar boiled after eating flesh of abandoned water."

5 high calcium and phosphorus

Chronic renal disease is a common electrolyte disorder with low calcium and high phosphorus, so attention should be paid to the diet of high calcium and phosphorus. Unfortunately high calcium food

The higher phosphorus products, such as pork, shrimp etc.. So high calcium and low phosphorus diet emphasizes low phosphorus diet. Zhou Xin pointed out, should be fasting animal offal, such as brain, liver, kidney

So, do not eat Roasted Goose, seafood, soup, do not drink, eat pumpkin seeds and other nuts."

6 low purine

Due to a large number of purine metabolism in the body will increase the burden on the kidneys, especially in patients with gout, high purine diet will induce gout attacks, exacerbations

Gout condition. The celery, spinach, peanut, chicken soup, broth, meat and animal offal, sardines PigHead and contain a large number of purine, it should be strictly

Restricted diet. Lean meat also contains purine, when eating meat can be boiled in the water first, abandon the soup to eat.

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7 vitamin supplements

Adequate intake of vitamins, trace elements. Vitamin B, vitamin C and zinc, calcium, iron, etc., can play a protective role in the kidney. Zhou Xin suggested, "gold

These trace elements in the variety, proper proportion, easy to take 1 tablets a day, vitamin E daily dose of 11 IU of vitamin C daily


8 appropriate diet high cellulose

High dietary fiber is conducive to maintaining smooth stool, toxin excretion, maintaining the balance of human metabolism. Kidney patients should be appropriate to eat whole grains such as corn. "

Noodles, buckwheat, taro, seaweed, some fruits and vegetables."


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