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Renal diet taboo ten Yi

2017-03-06 17:03

For nephropathy, according to the situation of patients with nephropathy in the diet:

One should eat light digestible food, avoid seafood, beef, mutton, spicy food, wine and all volatiles such as: aniseed, coffee, spicy incense

Vegetables; especially the deficiency patients such as red tongue, pulse flash, night sweats, dry stool, urine and other symptoms; but Yang patients such as: pale white tongue fur, pulse shen,

Body cold limbs cold, then thin, can eat hot food.

The food should be fresh vegetables and fruit, appropriate drinking water; eat tonic, tonic and easy to get angry all foods such as chili, litchi, chocolate etc..

Especially the Yin as purple tongue and pulse delay, chest tightness, abdominal distension and blood stasis patients.

All 3 patients with nephropathy neomycin, streptomycin, gentamicin injection disable, Guanmutong and automatic immunity.

The uremic patients maintain defecate unobstructed, daily defecation should be 2 ~ 3 times is appropriate, do not stay up late, to abstain from sex, pay attention to rest, avoid cold.

Has the use of hormone, decreasing the amount of hormone should be based on the specific circumstances and times under the guidance of doctors.

The severe edema should avoid salt in protein foods, less drinking water. Edema is not heavy, can be into a low sodium diet; no edema does not limit the water and eggs

White food intake; microscopic hematuria and should get angry are more water, eat more apples, sugar, black sesame, fungus and other food Yin fire.

But in hyperkalemia high potassium foods such as: eat bananas, citrus, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin, tea, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate; potassium lower risk

Contrary person.

The high blood uric acid especially eat animal offal, fish and shrimp and clams, beer, mushrooms, beans, spinach.

In the treatment period, such as a cold, have a fever, infection, and other circumstances, emergency and undergraduate contact doctors, for timely treatment, avoid complications


And establish confidence, adhere to treatment, maintain a good mood.


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