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Patients with chronic nephritis will eat kidney protection

2017-03-06 16:59

Most of the etiology of chronic nephritis is not clear, the pathogenesis is not the same. However, good eating habits to prevent or delay the decline of renal function, ease

Shape, protect kidney function is very helpful.

1, to reduce the intake of salt for patients with obvious edema, high blood pressure, especially important. Too much salt intake will aggravate edema, increase blood pressure, no

Blood pressure control. Edible salt should not exceed 5 grams in a day, eat high sodium foods (such as pickles, pickled cabbage, pickled smoked cooked products, etc.). Such taste

Not good, you can use ginger, garlic, onions, sugar, etc. to improve taste.

2, pay attention to the low phosphorus diet with renal insufficiency patients, these patients with phosphorus excretion disorder, easy to affect the metabolism of calcium and parathyroid hormone

Mi. Pay attention to reduce yogurt, dried beans (red bean, mung bean, black bean etc.) and visceral (such as liver, eggs, chicken, etc.) nuts (such as cashew nuts, peanuts

Walnut, etc.), and the intake of egg yolk, dried meat floss, cola.

Patient 3, vegetable protein intake control of normal renal function, the quality of protein amount should be more than 60%; for proteinuria, plasma protein

Patients with low white should be supplemented with animal protein (such as fish, milk, eggs, lean meat, etc.); for patients with renal insufficiency, in addition to the appropriate supplement

Protein, necessary oral essential amino acids, try to control plant protein food (such as beans, soy products, nuts etc.). Botany

The low utilization rate of the protein in the body, the metabolism of nitrogen produced more waste, excessive intake will increase the burden on the kidneys.

4, avoid high potassium diet, especially for patients with oliguria, renal function is seriously damaged, too much potassium ions can not be discharged, easily lead to high potassium

Disease". Are advised to avoid the high potassium content in edible vegetable soup, Orange Juice, oranges, bananas, tea, concentrated broth and other food. Do not use salt instead of salt seasoning. Healthy to go

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In addition, the disease recovery diet cock, carp and other volatiles. Calorie intake in the case of insufficient, can eat high calorie and low protein foods, such as

Sugar, honey, fructose, starch, starch, yam powder, camellia oil, peanut oil, olive oil, etc..


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