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Patients with chronic kidney disease should eat less meat

2017-03-06 16:43

According to the United States, Medical Express reported on February 12th, researchers at the University of Calif San Francisco found that for patients with chronic kidney disease, more likely to eat meat

Increases their risk of kidney failure.

The researchers analyzed information on 1486 adult patients with chronic kidney disease, with an average follow-up of 14.2 years. Results: among these patients, intake

Patients with high acid diets were 3 times more likely to develop renal failure than those who ate a low acid diet. The researchers explained that a low acid diet

Including a large number of fruits and vegetables, high acid diet for meat.

In order to protect kidney health, to avoid further deterioration, and to slow the progression of renal failure, the researchers suggested that patients should limit their intake of meat

Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. It may also change the high cost of dialysis and poor quality of life.

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