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Kidney disease patients can eat soy products

2017-03-06 16:33

Q: I am suffering from chronic kidney disease, has been circulating in the community, "patients with kidney disease should not eat soy products," saying, I would like to know whether or not to eat nephropathy


A: the main ingredient is soy bean products, soy protein is rich in food, the content is not less than animal protein. Human protein

The source is amino acids, the medical body can not be synthesized by the human body or synthesis of amino acids is not enough to call it essential amino acids, many bogey beans said

Doctors believe that: soy contains non essential amino acids are more, and meat foods contain more essential amino acids, so from the animal protein

It is called high quality protein, which is suitable for patients with kidney disease.

In fact, studies have confirmed: the soybean protein content except for methionine slightly lower, the proportion of essential amino acids and the whole egg

White and pork close, is a high quality protein. For patients with kidney disease, soybeans and other soy products are edible.

Of course, because of the high protein diet will aggravate the deterioration of renal function, the general principles of the diet of patients with kidney disease is a high-quality low protein diet, that is, control protein

The total intake of quality, so eat beans is limited. In general, the daily intake of protein in patients with nephrotic syndrome

40-50 grams, patients with renal insufficiency of not more than 40 grams per day, on this basis, patients with kidney disease may be appropriate to eat some soy products. Recommended consumption

Soy milk, tofu, etc..


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