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Weight loss can reduce kidney disease?

2017-03-02 14:23

Clinically, there are a lot of weight loss to reduce the risk of kidney disease patients, because of excessive weight loss to reduce fat, resulting in some of the body's organ prolapse, such as ptosis, uterus

Ptosis, etc., but the kidney is more prone to sagging. Because the human body organs rely on fat capsule fixed, if the person is too thin, the fat around the organs will become less

Will not be able to support organs, causing sagging.

Nephroptosis light can cause back discomfort, or even hematuria and hydronephrosis, kidney stones, etc.. So young women should not be excessive weight loss caused by

A lack of fat, or an increase in renal prolapse, and even renal failure.

Take care of the kidney from drinking water

It is estimated that China is now suffering from uremia patients more than 2 million, there are 210 thousand people in the side doing hemodialysis, while waiting for a suitable kidney.

Because too few organ donors, many people waiting to die. Experts on organ donation is the most important source of hospital intensive care unit, on the

Of the 44 people who are interested in donating, there are about 35 people who are interested in ICU, accounting for about 79%. Of the 20 successful donors, there were about 18 people from ICU

, accounting for 90% of the total.

Renal failure is caused by chronic nephritis, due to the growing deterioration of the living environment, everyone's life pressure is very large, coupled with bad health

Living habits make the development of chronic kidney disease younger.

Prevention of chronic kidney disease

First of all, drink plenty of boiled water, contribute to the discharge of toxins. Secondly, careful medication, try to eat antibiotics, cold medicine, etc.. Cold medicine Ricky

This includes non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, are non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs acetaminophen, diclofenac sodium, Bloven, take this kind of Medicine

Acute renal failure. Some of the ingredients in Chinese herbal medicine has renal toxicity, such as renal damage of Aristolochia will cause irreversible renal damage.

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