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Chinese massage coup elderly hypertension

2017-03-02 13:50

In winter, the temperature difference between day and night, the temperature is low, the human body by cold stimulation, can cause sympathetic excitement, systemic capillary contraction leads to increased vascular resistance, resulting in increased blood pressure in different degree, especially the temperature is relatively low in the morning and night. The patients with hypertension or the elderly rose more significantly. Cerebral vasoconstriction can cause cerebral ischemia and hypoxia, and accelerate the formation of thrombosis. At the same time, the climate is dry, the body consumes more water, easy to cause the body of water, high blood viscosity, blood flow and blood volume deficiency can lead to ischemic stroke or myocardial infarction and other deadly diseases occurred.

So, how to deal with hypertension in the elderly?

1, massage head. With both hands forefinger or middle finger to wipe the forehead, then hand rub the head on both sides of the temple site, and then separate the fingers from the forehead to the pillow, after repeated hair, every time 5 ~ 10 minutes. Massage the head can clear the head, flat liver Yang, so that the fresh mind, dizziness and pain relief, easy and comfortable head. In addition to rub back, point blood pressure and other methods. If the back is rubbing his hands clenched, hard on the massage back position, every 3 to 5 minutes, with a kidney strong waist, Shutong meridians, lower blood pressure. The blood pressure in the sixth cervical vertebra 5 cm, acupoint pressing can activate collaterals, reduce blood pressure.

2, chiropractic in prone position. Please family or from the waist to the direction of Dazhui chiropractic assistant. With both hands forefinger and thumb along the spine on both sides of the skin pinch pinch method, pinching edges forward by Dazhui to sacrococcygeal waist, repeat 3 ~ 5 times. Can Shutong kidney pulse down chiropractic, lower blood pressure.

3, rub belly. The patient lying on his back, with his hands overlap pressure, according to clockwise rubbing abdomen, 3 to 5 minutes each time. Rubbing the abdomen can dredge abdominal Qi, spleen and stomach, regulating the lifting of the beneficial step-down. The self-care should adhere to long-term, will have a significant effect.

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