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Do you know that why you are not allowed to eat salt?

2017-02-17 16:25

For patients with kidney disease, they heard the doctor said most of the sentence is: diet should be light, do not eat too much salt.
But, do you know why?
You must know, eat more salt is not good for your disease, what "bad" to what extent, you are not ignorant? Let me tell you today......
First of all, patients with kidney disease easily combined with water excretion disorder, there will be further edema, which is often referred to as doctors, sodium retention". We all know that the main ingredient is sodium salt, excessive intake of salt will increase the retention of sodium and water, and ultimately lead to increased edema.
Secondly, the kidney itself has a number of endocrine hormones affect blood pressure, when there is a kidney, these endocrine hormones appear abnormal secretion, will cause elevated blood pressure. As we all know, patients with hypertension should be low sodium, low salt diet. Therefore, in order to better control the blood pressure of patients with nephropathy, a low salt diet.
Finally, the kidney has great flexibility in the reabsorption of sodium, and has a strong regulatory capacity. For patients with nephrotic syndrome, with the loss of the progress of the disease, effective renal unit, renal sodium balance adjustment ability decreased, if insufficient intake can be hyponatremia sodium, can occur in severe muscle spasms, convulsions, coma and even shock. But if sodium intake is too much, it is easy to lead to water, sodium retention, edema and high blood pressure, and even induced heart failure.
So, do you know how much salt you need to take in your kidney disease?
Patients with obvious edema, hypertension, heart failure, renal insufficiency, it is recommended that less than 3G per day;
If the renal function is normal, no symptoms can be slightly relaxed to no more than 6G per day (about a toothpaste cover) or soy sauce 35ml.
To avoid eating pickled products, canned food, careful use of MSG, chicken essence, barbeque sauce, chili sauce, bean paste, tomato sauce and other seasonings products to reduce salt intake.

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