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Our low protein diet

2017-02-16 11:39

Reducing renal protein metabolism, can better protect the function of the kidney. For patients with kidney disease, once told by the doctor: you need a low protein diet, then three meals a day can not be self willed.
When I was a monk! How to live without meat!!
Not to eat, but to eat less. How much to eat? The first thing to say is that adults and children are not the same as the low protein diet.
Adults: 0.65 grams per kilogram of body weight per day;
Children: 0.83 grams per kilogram of body weight per day.
After all, the child is still in the growth and development, you can eat a little more than the proportion of adults (pay attention to the proportion of weight, not to eat more than adults), limiting protein intake, not more than the number. Table of contents of protein content in food.
Every day to calculate so precise, but also let people live?
Of course not, it is only to provide a guiding role, to be true, after the balance of life......
It is necessary to mention that "low protein diet" is not accurate, missed two words: "quality" to come a serious effect of "high quality low protein diet.
Say you can't eat:
1, beans and soy products: soy beans, tofu, Dried tofu, Soybean Milk, red bean, mung bean, peas, beans, beans, peas and beans seeds;
2, gluten products: gluten, noodles and grilled noodles, etc.;
Drupe: 3, melon seeds, walnut, cashew nuts, peanuts, chestnuts, almonds, etc..
Why don't you eat these things? These plant foods contain a lot of vegetable protein, and the use of plant protein in the body is relatively low, not high quality. Eat too little, the kidneys have to metabolize them.
And don't eat too much:
Rice grain: Steamed Rice, pasta, corn, sweet potato, taro, potato etc.. Of course, the staple food to eat every day, do not eat too much on the line.
Finally, you can eat:
High quality protein is common meat and eggs, can eat two egg per day, or one or two or one or two crucian carp meat lean pork.
Also, don't be too careful
If you eat a lot of time, then nothing, then pay attention to some good. Some patients with nephropathy diet is very strict, yesterday heard a patient that he does not eat fat, do not eat rice starch, do not eat meat, even the fruit is also a kind of do not eat!
Later, his doctor said: nothing, you can eat.
In fact, if there is no high-quality low protein diet restrictions, some things you eat it can not reach the amount of harm to the body, unless you can eat a little more than a pound or more. As long as the food is not strictly limited, can eat some.
In the 30s of last century, the United States at the Duke University, scholars for the development of a high protein diet and low blood pressure of the program, do not want this program by the majority of weight loss sought after, the effect is quite good. So, if you want to keep fit is a kidney disease, low protein diet but with Oh ~

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