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It turned out that the treatment of kidney disease requires

2017-02-16 11:35

Do you know what a kidney is?
There are two reasons: one is poisoned
The other is held back
What is poison?
Too much harmful substances in the blood, our immune system is to attack the harmful substances, the attack after the garbage how to do? No one cleans up the battlefield, so the combat waste - the immune complex deposits in the kidneys. This one thing, nephropathy came, so must clean up.
Clean the immune complex, which is the traditional Chinese medicine to cure evil.
How is it?
This is blocked. One of the most important functions of the blood is to deliver oxygen to the body's organs. When the kidneys are immune to oxygen and oxygen, it is difficult for the kidneys to breathe. A long time, do not suppress the disease to blame. So we must expand the blood vessels, improve microcirculation.
Improve microcirculation, which is said to promote blood circulation.
Therefore, the treatment of kidney disease, is the above two parts.
The dialysis is what?
Dialysis can only be regarded as a "half clear", it can only remove part of the flow of toxins in the blood, but for more important - adhesion to the walls of the blood vessels and invasion of the wall of the toxin, no way. Not only dialysis, there is no good way to Western medicine.
It is regrettable that some patients really expect dialysis to cure, that do two dialysis can not do. But obviously, dialysis only in two parts in nephritic only accounted for 1/4, if the use of nephritic percentile, 25 is certainly not pass, this level of treatment but also allows patients temporarily not to die.

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